Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Holdover

We'll be announcing some roster moves in the next couple of hours, but in the meantime we thought that we would share a couple of notes to pass along from the past couple of days...

  • As we told you Monday, the local TV broadcast schedule is now set for 2009. Additionally, you can expect announcements regarding our English and Spanish radio deals in the next week.
  • As announced in the club's Weekly Update on Tuesday, David Kammarman has joined the Galaxy front office as our Director of Soccer Operations. In this role, which is markedly different than what Paul Bravo's role was during his tenure with the club, Kammarman will work closely with Bruce Arena and the Galaxy coaching staff in the areas of player personnel, scouting, talent evaluation, agent and MLS communication and Collective Bargaining Agreement compliance.
  • Bryan Jordan and Donovan Ricketts are each currently rehabbing from their foot and hamstring injuries, though neither injury is considered serious.
  • A big congratulations to our Team Chiropractor/Active Release Specialist Shunta Shimizu, whose wife gave birth to the couple's first child on Wednesday. Even with the birth of his daughter that morning, Shimizu still managed to make it to the stadium on time for the game against Oita that evening.


Anonymous said...

Hope Mc D is still with the team by the end of the day

charlesj27 said...

First off, congrats to Shunta and his wife for their baby boy. Blessed and happy be both of you and your child.
Next, the blog/post stated that David Kammarman's role as Director of Soccer is way different than that of Paul Bravo's. I'm sorry, but may be I am missing something. How is it exactly different? What did Paul Bravo do or not have to do? Any in-depth clarification would be appreciated.
I really Bryan and Donovan recover well and on time. We really need them to be available !

Anonymous said...

Nice to read updates on Ricketts and Jordan, but what about Eddie Lewis' injury?

Anonymous said...

It was obvious to all that Paul Bravo's lack of expertise will not be missed!!! It was clear that whatever job he did, was insufficient and clouded with bad judgement.