Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mexico-USA Viewing Party; LA Galaxy Training Notes

It's match day in Columbus. And, according to, it's raining! Perfect weather for the World Cup Qualifier between USA and Mexico at Crew Stadium, to be sure, but perfect viewing weather? We think not.

It's sunny here in Los Angeles and AEG and the LA Galaxy would like to invite you to a viewing party at EZPN Zone in at LA Live (Game is scheduled to kickoff at 4 p.m.). There will be free drawing for Galaxy prizes and appetizer specials.

Don't forget to Wear Red.

Galaxy training notes.

  • Sean Franklin was back on the field for the first time since undergoing bi-lateral sports hernia surgery three weeks ago.
  • Team had a short 11 v. 11 intrasquad game ahead of tomorrow's scrimmage against the Houston Dynamo. Franklin was playing right back.
  • After the intrasquad game, the guys broke up into groups of two. Chris Klein, Alan Gordon and Edson Buddle were in a group working on corner kicks.
  • Buddle and Gordon stayed on the field a bit longer to work on finishing. Could the duo be working on a secret play for PPC?
  • David Beckham came on as a second half substitute for Stewart Downing and equaled Booby Moore's record of 108 caps with the national team during England's international friendly in Seville against Euro 2008 Champion Spain.
  • Lastly, the club made their first cuts of the preseason: defenders Vardan Adzemian, Leo Bautista, Mike Gavin and midfielder Mike Muñoz. The roster is now down to 33 players.


Anonymous said...

I really, really, really hope it will be an intense WCQ game between USA & Mexico. I am trying my best to finish up my work so that I can leave work on time. Unfortunately there is NO way I could ever make it to ESPN Live Zone in time. Too far!
Wait, its' sunny in LA? Huh?

Thanks for the training & scrimmage updates. We do appreciate them - please keep the updates coming!

I am very, very glad to hear that Chris, Alan, and Edson are working on corner kicks, crossing, and finishing. This was something we all witnessed in previous years. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
I am surprised - why did Leonardo Bautista get cut? He didn't impress Bruce & Dave? I thought he had good reflexes, speed, and could read the game?
I could understand cutting Vardan, Mike, and Michael. Unfortunately, they just do not have enough soccer (actual game & constant pressure) experience. Since, our roster has to be down to 24, it seemed logical. So now, it's 33 - OKAY, that means nine (9) players left. The pressure is ON, mean! The pressure is ON - which means the unprepared, the lazy, the care-free complainers (if any) are going to have to either change for good or get released outright!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the Roster Updates, aswell as the training snippets, good to read that Sean can already play again!


charlesj27 said...

From what I could tell and see, both Bob & Sven fielded their respective "experienced, battle-ready, pressure-capable" team of 11 on field. Both sides were pushing, scrappy, and energetic. There were some un-timely defensive errors on our US side. But, again - both goal-keepers were excellent. Tim, especially, made some awesome saves. Now, he's a true goal keeper. Thank goodness! As I knew it would, it came down to cornerkicks/set-pieces... whihc is Bob's specialty. It was so good to see DaMarcus out there on the field again - the man is pure glide on ice. Donovan had the hunger and was trying to set himself up - but, didn't get the types of balls he usually goes for. Plus, the Mexican Nat'l players did a decent job in nullifying his chances on speed. Brian Ching was great as usual - poor guy gets shoved, pulled, kicked, tripped... Man, he deserves a lot of credit. Michael Bradley kept his pouncing, cat-like reflexes on high alert - that was the difference maker in the end. Our wing-backs worked their tails off... so much kudos to them too!

Anonymous said...

why did they cut LEO BAUTISTA? are you serious? this guy was speedy, natural left foot and good in air...Sure he needs time to adapt, but why not take a chance on him? Here we go again, Galaxy and their politics, keeping 38 tony sanneh over 25 year old Leo Bautista?? cmon Bruce and Co, you can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Leo Bautista got cut?? WTF? whats the reasoning behind that? could you please find out..why would Bruce keep old tony sanneh and not give Leo a shot to express himself on the we go again..another bad year...

George said...

Anonymouses, have any of you actually seen Leo play? Maybe he's not that good.

Anonymous said...

actually no i havent. but heard good things about him.

George said...

Yes, he was good in Venezuela. So was Gabriel Cichero. Maybe the Venezuelan league isn't that good, or maybe he just doesn't fit in.