Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And we're off...

Here are the lineups for the first game.

Suwon: Lee Woon-Jae, Li Weifeng, Yang Sang-Min, Park Hyun-Bem, Kim Dae-Keon, Choi Sung-Hwan, Baek Ji-Hoon, Eduardo de Olivera, Kim Dae-Eui (Capt.), Bae Ki-Jong, Seo Dong-Hyeon.

Shandong: Li Leilei, Alejandro Chichero, Wu Hao, Liu Jindong, Shu Chang (Capt.), Li Wei, Aleksandar Zivkovic, Milijan Mrdakovic, Yuan Weiwei, Lu Zheng, Li Jinyu.

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Anonymous said...

The first match between Suwon and Shandong was a very disconnected and haphazard match. Honestly, to me, it seemed like college soccer players on field (Division-II or lower). May be, it might have been the traveling, different time-zones and cool weather? But, this match had me shaking my head and putting up my hands in disbelief, many at times. I was so glad when Suwon finally scored in the 88th minute or abouts.
Honestly, this was not the Suwon BlueWings team I remember from two/three years back.