Friday, February 27, 2009

Galaxy to Host Colorado in Open Cup Play-In Game

The Galaxy's road to a third U.S. Open Cup title will begin at The Home Depot Center on Tuesday, April 7 when they host the Colorado Rapids. The game will kick off at 8 p.m. and Galaxy season ticket holders will be able to use their Bonus Game 2 ticket.

This will be the second straight season in which the Galaxy host Colorado in an Open Cup Play-In Game. Last year, the Rapids claimed a 1-0 win, with the Rapids scoring the game’s only goal in the 82nd minute. The Galaxy, who won the Open Cup in 2001 and 2005, first participated in an Open Cup Play-In Game in 2007, when they defeated Columbus and New York to qualify for the Third Round of the Open Cup, where they were defeated by the Richmond Kickers.

The two sides are now scheduled to meet three times in the month of April, with the Galaxy also hosting the Rapids in league play on Saturday, April 4 and traveling to Colorado on Saturday, April 25.


Anonymous said...

This is good and all, we want information like this to keep coming, but there are some glaring holes (holes so big they make last years defense look good) in the news coming from the offices at the HDC.

1. Eddie Lewis, one of our star players was stretchered off in the PPC, and we have heard NOTHING about his status. We should have gotten an update in the match report. Here we are a week later still hearing crickets on the topic. Unacceptable.

2. Bruce let's 5 players go, several of which were fan favorites. All indications are that most fans felt Brandon McDonald had a bright future. Days later still no comment from Bruce on why he chose young promising players when cutting down the roster. If B-Mac was a problem in the locker room, great, say so and we move on. If it was a salary issue, explain it. But the silence is making things worse.

3. Most of us knew about the departure of Randolph and McDonald days before it was publicly announced because the players had announced as much on social networking sites. The 'official' blog of the team, or a press release by the team should be the first to announce such a move. It should happen within minutes of the player being notified.

4. We keep hearing about players training with the team weeks after they arrive. We want to know the minute they walk in the locker room not days later.

5. Don't get me wrong, you are doing a good job with getting us training videos etc. but we want this blog to be updated several times a day with every single bit of information. It seems that the organization wants to put up a 'shroud of secrecy' which only alienates the true fans. We want multiple updates no matter how minute, and we certainly don't want things like Eddie Lewis' injury to go unspoken of for a week.


Saturday 8PM: Player A goes down with an injury in the 68th minute of a match.

Saturday 11PM: Blog team posts this in the patch report

(Match report stuff}

Player A was injured in the 68th minute. Initially it looks like and ankle injury. Doctors are still looking into it, the blog team will report on status later.

(More match report stuff)

Sunday 10AM: Player A update

Player A is scheduled for an MRI of his ankle Monday at 9AM details to follow. (Yes it really can be that short.)

Monday 11AM: Player A has minor ankle sprain

After undergoing and MRI doctors have conformed that Player A has a minor ankle sprain.

It looks like player A will be on light duty for 1 week and will begin modified training for a week after that. He should be back to full training in 3-4 weeks and will be back on the field in about 4 weeks.

In other news....


We really do want this level of detail from our blog team. We love the Galaxy, our heart and soul all-in for this team. We are BEGGING you to understand and reciprocate.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the first commentor, this is the slowest blog of all MLS blogs out there, with very little real information worth reading. Help us out and let us know what's going on with our team instead of having to scour the internet for hearsay. GO GALAXY!

Anonymous said...

With more newspapers out there reducing it's coverage of soccer, blogs are becoming more of a vital source of content. I find this blog good for basic info about the team, but gets low marks for creativity and interesting content.

charlesj27 said...

To the first commentor - WOW!!! I really have to hand it to you. You clearly spent quite a bit of time and effort into explaining what you wanted to see from this blog and which sort of info/content to put in and above all, timeliness. Again, good work in explaining your point-of-view.