Thursday, February 5, 2009

Under A Dark Gray Sky

It has been a busy 24-48 hours here at The Home Depot Center, but the players were unfazed as they headed back out onto the field for training this morning. Thick clouds covered the field throughout the session, keeping the temperatures down and the intensity up.
As far as the situation with David Beckham, the club did not have any comment on the story on Wednesday as the players and coaches were on the field training when the story broke, but here is what Bruce Arena had to say this afternoon about Becks, the Pan-Pacific Championship and his first preseason in charge of the Galaxy.

Additionally, he spoke to Larry Morgan of and Check out Larry's story here. Also be sure to catch all of Larry's past pieces from throughout the preseason. So far he has caught up with players like Tristan Bowen, Dema Kovalenko, Leo Bautista and many more as the Galaxy's 2009 roster continues to take shape.


George said...

I'd like to thank you for this article and all your other articles. I know you get a lot of criticism for lack of posts, but you're still doing a great job. One thing I'd like to see would be a video of a training session or maybe a scrimmage. Just 5 minutes or something would be great.

Anonymous said...

What about something from the closed scrimmage?

Anonymous said...

the roster was not well pieced together LMAO Bruce is great cant wait to see that new back line in action on the 18th


Jackie said...

i think the beckham situation is dumb this club has accommodated beckham in so many ways and yet he still wants to go back to europe he needs to stop being greedy and stick to the main reason y he wanted to come to America which is to help get soccer into a popular sport and he has accomplished that only because he is there but if he leaves they will leave and what has that accomplished?

anyways if he does leave the only good thing to come from it is all the screaming girls for him because hes "so hot" will be gone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting some "official" infos and thoughts.

Who's the player which is spotting #36 ?

Any updates on the trialists and unsigned draftpicks ?

Any mistakes on that roster ?

1 Steve Cronin
2 Mike Randolph
3 Leonard Griffin
4 Todd Dunivant
5 Omar Gonzalez (GA - Dev)
6 Eddie Lewis
7 Chris Klein
8 Dema Kovalenko
9 Jovan Kirovski
10 Landon Donovan
11 Israel Sesay (GA - Dev)
12 Troy Roberts
14 Edson Buddle
15 Stefani Miglioranzi
16 AJ DeLaGarza
17 Tristan Bowen (GA - Dev)
18 Mike Munoz
19 Josh Tudela
20 Mike Magee
21 Alan Gordon
22 Tony Sanneh
23 David Beckham
24 Julian Valentin
25 Donovan Ricketts
26 Ely Allen
27 Bryan Jordan
28 Sean Franklin
29 Michael Gavin
30 Kyle Patterson
31 Josh Wicks
32 Brandon McDonald
33 Josh Boateng
34 Vardan Adzemian
35 Leo Bautista
36 ??
38 Yohance Marshal
?? Miguel Benitez

When will the photos of the annual headshots be availabe on Getty/ISI photos or so ?


Max said...

I think the Galaxy should man up and demand that Becks repect his contract but most imporatantly that Becks repect the fans who welcomed him and supported him. Give the fans atleast a season of great football and give them the closure they deserve. If not, then how bout you buy back all these shirts you sold because your name does not deserve to be associated with the Crest in the front.

Justin said...

Who cares about beckham let him go, hes not even half the player that Landon is. Lets hear some info on Landon any news about him yet? Is BM trying to buy him?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the picks and posting Troy! Keep up the good work, see you soon..signed...your fav. fantasy camper :)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know who number 36 is? His training with the Galaxy and in one of the omar gonzalez video he comes out in the background looks like he can play, so does anybody know who he is?