Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Local Broadcast Schedule Set

Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket are back for a fifth season as the Galaxy's local broadcast partner. The networks will air a total of 18 games on the season beginning with the season opener against D.C. United on March 22.

Jim Watson and Mark Rogondino are back in the booth for a third consecutive season while Jackie Pickering will be on the sidelines for all home games for a second straight year.

The network will also air "Galaxy Live", a 30-minute pregame show before each Galaxy broadcast, giving you the fan all the latest news and insight into your favorite club.

With this agreement, 29 of the Galaxy's 30 regular season games will be broadcast either locally or nationally. To see the complete television broadcast schedule, visit the Galaxy's Official Website.

But before you head over there, take a look back at the Pan-Pacific Championship Final.


Anonymous said...

great news, now I hope either I can get a feed or watch all the action on MLSliveTV from overseas!

Rogadino is an ideal announcer and expert.

Anonymous said...

Missing the magic "available in high definition" from your press release.

When will we see that?

Anonymous said...

So who's going to pick up the the broadcast between LAG vs Real Salt Laker on 5/06/2009? I heard KTLA has a new General Manager and wouldnt be a bad idea to have them air a couple of LAG games from time to time increasing the teams exposure over the LA area. I am just saying?

Anonymous said...

This is great, but what about English radio. It would be nice to have a radio broadcast to listen to while I am in the stadium. Cash (previous radio broadcaster) barely came in in the parking lot of the HDC, and not at all in the stadium.

You made the money off the TV contracts, please don't look to make a ton of money off a radio broadcaster, instead look to make the fans happy and accept a reasonable offer for English language broadcast for the fans.

It has been far too long since we have had a decent signaled English radio broadcast with a good pre and post game show to boot.

charlesj27 said...

Well, tomorrow and Wednesday are important European (UEFA Champions League) dates with some impressive and strong teams facing each other. Here are my picks (or the teams I would like to see advance/win):
A) ManU v. Inter -> InterMilan
B) Chelsea v. Juventus -> Juventus
C) Arsenal v. Roma -> Arsenal
D) Liverpool v. Real Madrid -> Real Madrid
E) Villareal v. Panathinaikos -> Panathinaikos
I hope the LA Galaxy players get the time to see at least two of these great games. It is some of the best, most intense, most characteristic styles of football (soccer) one will see. Of course, I'll have to envision what all goes on while at work. But, I'm hoping to get web-updates from ESPNSoccernet regularaly. My hope is that our LA Galaxy team is trying to work immensely hard and very focused on passing, completions, finishing, and holding/keeping the ball at play. It's not as easy as it sounds - but, these things are vital & essential to all soccer matches. All of the players have to work on it - and, they have to keep working at it with each other and build up the confidence and instinct. MLS Season 2009 is just several weeks away - it's going to hit this team very soon. The players need to be confident and bold; they must work out inconsistencies and apprehensions.

antonio said...

Bruce Arena, pide para contratar EDU, el 9 de Suwon samsung.


Keith said...

I concur:

High Definition


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, another wonderful season with the volume on mute! I'm sorry, but Jim Watson is not fit to be announcing soccer. One should at least have some bit of knowledge of the game, unlike "Watty" Watson. I'm sure he puts in work because it's his profession, but his comments are ridiculous.