Thursday, February 12, 2009

Galaxy-Dynamo Scrimmage Recap

Houston Dynamo prevailed over the LA Galaxy with a 2-0 win Thursday in a preseason scrimmage at The Home Depot Center. Both Dynamo goals came in the first 14 minutes.

The match was the last for the LA Galaxy before taking on Oita Trinita in the Pan-Pacific Championship on Wednesday, Feb. 18. It was also Sean Franklin's first since undergoing bi-lateral sports hernia surgery last month. Franklin, the 2008 MLS Rookie of the Year, started the match and played 45 minutes.

Houston's goals came courtesy of a Tony Sanneh own goal in the 2nd minute and a header from Brian Mullen in the 13th.

For the full recap, click here.

After the match, Bruce Arena shared his thoughts on the game. Bruce praised Ricketts and said he is having a strong camp.

Sean Franklin also talked to the media.


Anonymous said...

All Bruce, Dave, and Cobi can do is give these players the opportunities, avenues, and instances for learning & improving. It's completely up to the players themselves and their own personal stamina, goal, and self-determination to take each day of pre-season correctly, intensely, and seriously. If these guys are not serious, then - come on - bring it on again - let's see if they're cool with being "sad losers". Believe me, clubs like Houston, New England, Seattle, Columbus... they will be more than happy kicking tail all over the pitch. I refuse to respect athletes that don't take their "bread-n-butter" seriously and with conviction. So go ahead... be jokers and posers. The truth is always out there on the pitch; no matter what they think they can spin!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the coaches are going to make the players practice with each other more, playing more scrimmages and enhancing their endurance and range. They really need to be prepped and fully ready before Feb. 18th. In reality, they should practice this Saturday and Sunday. Right now, I am getting no encouragement and no proof that players are solidly improving.

Anonymous said...

2-0 and 3-1 to 2 MLS opponents. One is an "expansion team" Our defensive line did not look good today. Tony Sanneh looked old and slow. Sean was not in great rythm, Omar played OK.

and they cut 6'3 speedy Leo Bautista yesterday? boy was i surprised to see that, he looked like he was coming alone fine. Adapting to new style.

Anonymous said...

Where is the skill on this team?

luvbecks said...

"Where is the skill on this team?"


Anonymous said...

Where have Izzy and Bowen been? did they play in either of the scrimmages?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is no "full recap" at

And again, no line ups are provided to your fans.

Here is a clue:

-We want to know the lineups used during the pre-season.

Please be helpful.

Anonymous said...

i knew this was going to happen when i saw who Galaxy brought into camp. They are trying to build a team with a bunch of washed up players like tony sanneh, stefen magiowhatever his name is. Their outside midfields lack creativity an conviction. Its like they are scared to be on the galaxy and play in LA. how can u not love playing in LA??? They need to bring in some new players, cut some soon or they will be doing what they always do every year. change the team constantly throughout the whole season.

Anonymous said...

agreed on the above. how can you leave a 38 year old center back who hasn't played in 1-2 years for 25 year old 6'3 Leo Bautista? that still has me reeling. i saw this kid a couple times, he did well.

bruce seems to have "favorite" players that he traded away before and then brings them back to LA to give them a shot?? come one now..