Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking Back at the Win Over Oita

The boys took care of business in blue last night, winning 2-0 behind goals from Edson Buddle and Jovan Kirovski. Eddie Lewis captained the side while Omar Gonzalez made his debut, playing 90 minutes in central defense.

Take a look at these images from the game and then scroll to the bottom to see what Bruce, Sean, Edson, Omar, A.J. and Kyle had to say, as well as a video to recap the evening.

Edson talks about getting back on the field and getting on the scoresheet.

Sean Franklin was back on the field, playing 87 minutes at right back less than a month after undergoing bi-lateral hernia surgery in Germany.

A.J., Kyle and Omar talk about their debuts.

And Bruce recaps the entire evening.


Anonymous said...

Great game sat should be a larger crowd. back line looked big great start for the season

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the pics and the audio. My hope is that Edson will work up his fitness, speed, endurance, and ability to hold onto the ball. For all players - nothing is as critical and as necessary as actual game playing. The competition and pressure and on-the-turn decision-making is what teaches and improves players.
And, Bruce is right - it is still quite a ways away to becoming a solid, dependable, quality, superior team. The foundational leaders and teachers have to be in there, and they must be given time and opportunities to teach the younger players. I know that a lot of the starting players played an aggressive match - but, it's very important that the players come back for follow-up muscle treatment, stretching, and warm-up exercises. Otherwise, it will be detrimental for Saturday's game. I still think a lot can be learned for each of the players by viewing video again to pick out problem-spots and areas.
I hope the players keep up with their training and practices as the coming weeks progress.

charlesj27 said...

I want to thank Mike Randolph who took the time to chat with me near where I was going to sit for the PPC Series 1 game on Wednesday. It was really nice of him to stop, shake my hand, and have a comfortable, down-to-earth chat about how the practice sessions are shaping up, how his progress has been, how the first game in Series 1 went according to me, and about the ankle injury I had suffered when I was playing neighborhood pick-up soccer over New Year's Eve. I appreciated the chance and time that he gave.
Hope our guys play very well and very solid on Saturday. It's going to again depend on calmness-inside the players' core, correctness, attitude, alertness, and playing offensive AND defensive points of pressure from all areas of the field.

jamesey said...

Will you please setup the Audio so that it doesn't start playing as soon as the page loads? It's annoying to hear 10 audio feeds start at once and then even more annoying to scroll down the page looking for all of them to pause.