Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Soothsayers [UPDATED]

Before all of the guys left for the weekend on Friday, we made sure to ask them what their predictions were for the tonight's Super Bowl. Here's how their picks broke down.

  • 19 players picked the Cardinals to win while 13 chose the Steelers.
  • Ian Feuer was the only coach to pick the Cardinals, but every member of the team staff (equipment managers and medical team) picked Arizona.
  • Kyle Patterson had the lowest scoring game (14-3 Steelers) and Brandon McDonald had the highest scoring game (35-28 Cardinals).
  • Three of the Galaxy's players were raised in Arizona, Mike Gavin, Alan Gordon and Brandon McDonald. All three picked Arizona to win the game.
  • Donovan Ricketts said that he doesn't follow the NFL and he'd been in the country for just a few days, but that did not stop him from giving his vote to the Steelers.
  • Most of the guys who picked Pittsburgh went with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to be the MVP, with Santonio Holmes, Troy Polamalu, Willie Parker, Heath Miller and the entire Pittsburgh Defense all getting single votes.
  • For those who picked the Cardinals, 11 said that Kurt Warner would be the MVP while 10 went with Larry Fitzgerald. One person gave the award to Steve Breaston and one said that Dominique Rogers-Cromartie would claim the MVP award.

The game kicks off in just a little while, so let's see who might have a future career in sports prognostication.

While nobody picked the exact score, plaudits have to go out to a few different people.

  • Congrats to Mike Magee who was the only one top say that Santonio Holmes would win the MVP award.
  • Congrats to Trevor James who was the closest to hitting the exact number of points scored in the game. Trev predicted a 36-13 Steeler win, leaving him one point off of the 50 points scored in the game.
  • Ian Feuer, Eddie Lewis, Dema Kovalenko, Dave Sarachan and Josh Wicks all predicted a four-point margin of victory, with Eddie, Dema and Dave all calling the game for Pittsburgh.
  • Lastly, we'll give credit to Chris Klein for calling a 26-21 Steeler win, leaving him just one point off the Steelers final score and two off of Arizona's. Additionally, he guessed that the MVP award would go to the Steelers Defense, which it very well could have following James Harrison's Super Bowl record 100-yard interception return.

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