Monday, February 9, 2009

Galaxy Fall 3-1 to Seattle in Friendly

Eddie Lewis scored the Galaxy's only goal as they fell 3-1 to Seattle Sounders FC in a closed door friendly this afternoon at The Home Depot Center.

Because the match was closed we cannot post lineups, but here is a short match report.


Anonymous said...

Good. I want to thank the blog for giving us this match report even though this was a closed-door scrimmage. I don't believe I am surprised nor "feeling down" about this result. Sigi's Seattle team have a lot more players with actual big-match, game/pressure experience. Even though, the LA Galaxy started pre-season training early, the make-up of this LA Galaxy team have a lot of new-comers. It takes really competitive, challenging, note-worthy opponents to bring out our team's true weaknesses. For me, these challenging matches are veyr essential for Bruce, Dave, and Cobi. Now, they have seen where the weaknesses are. Knowing is only part of it. Next, comes accepting and working tougher, smarter, and harder to correct mistakes and deficiencies. The youngsters on our team will have to mature up, shape up, and toughen up fast. The truth of the matter is, opponents with speed and the ability to run-off balls will always be threatening. It takes incredible prep, awareness, and alertness to thwart plays before it gets to become dangerous.
Congrats to Eddie to scoring the goal. Nice job, Eddie. I want Bruce, Dave, and Cobi to harshly demand and imprint constant attention, hard work, maturity, and preparation. But, again, only challenging games with pressure will effectively teach players about their mistakes and deficiencies.

Anonymous said...

Again, this makes it clear - our youngsters need to work smarter, harder, with more focus on correcting mistakes. Respect the opposition and pressure - but, the players must learn to stifle, contain, and manage!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an update, especially the clickable pictures!

without giving away the line ups and who played where can you at least confirm which Galaxy players played at some point in the match?

to my knowledge we have 34 players (without Donovan and the English guy).

who's player number 36?

like the new template of the training shirts, too bad it's not gold tough.

Anonymous said...

Do we write the season off all ready- loosing to Seattle? Is the Galaxy that bad?

Phil said...

It's not that you're "that bad". It's that we're already "that good". =)

Anonymous said...

why can't you post the line ups?

Why is that a state secret?

Anonymous said...

Losing....not loosing but at any rate....they had Kasey Keller in the goal, need I say more ;)

laurie said...

Seattle published their lineups in the Seattle Times. Just sayin'.

Nadia said...

I think galaxy must release beckham I've been following beckham for 12 yeaars and when i saw him playing at the stadium I saw how frustating he was.
is not about him, if you want a better galaxy and football get better managers, trainners, and sotp calling it SOCCER