Saturday, February 21, 2009

PPC Final Notes

  • A left hamstring sustained at Tuesday's practice caused Donovan Ricketts to miss a second consecutive game while Bryan Jordan was rested because of a foot injury.
  • Undrafted rookie Yohance Marshall made his Galaxy debut in the second half by replacing Tony Sanneh at halftime.
  • A.J. DeLaGarza made his second appearance for the Galaxy. DeLaGarza, who played three minutes in Wednesday's 2-0 win, came in off the bench at left back the 32nd minute for Eddie Lewis, who started the game wearing the captain's armband and was taken out after sustaining a left hamstring injury.
  • Tony Sanneh took the armband from Lewis while Chris Klein wore it for the second half.
  • Mike Magee's penalty kick goal in the 89th minute was his first goal since September 27, 2008.

Bruce Arena press conference

Sean Franklin

Josh Saunders


charlesj27 said...

To me - I am not going to lay the blame on Sean's own goal. Sean is a great professional, a speedy wing-back, and a good starting player that can at times give an offensive spark. Sean is still young. Plus, he's still trying to play hard, but keep focused on rehabbing properly from his surgery. So, to me - I will not blame Sean.
Next, even though Josh Saunders had the jitters - he made some saves that were vital to keeping the "would-be" clean sheet. I thought his instincts were correct. And, plus he's got grit and guts in him. I can see that. But, he needs much more games with our team! I think Josh Saunders will be a wonderful goal-keeper in the coming year.
I hope that Eddie Lewis will recover okay from his hamstring strain. Eddie - you tried to give it your all. I know you worked hard. Suwon kept coming at the LA Galaxy will counter-attacking speed. And, our LA Galaxy team is not at MLS match fitness yet. They will definitely need to get there. Especially, Chris Klein, Tony Sanneh, and Edson Buddle. These players really need to focus very hard and very much in getting their endurance and speed back up. I know it's difficult - I know - getting older sucks when a sports professional still has got the experience and knowledge to make a difference. But, it's something that a sports professional has to overcome, live with, and master... Those individuals that do - will have a much more noticed, rewarded, and satisfying legacy.
Bruce and Dave should focus, train, and stick with the players that want to do better, play harder, go that extra several minutes in games - players with guts, will, drive, motivation, and willingness to work for and propel the entire team. But, definitely - more training work lay ahead for this team.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say Sean lost that game for them. He had mistake after mistake. You cannot blame the surgery on him not playing well. If he is not fit and ready he should not be playing. He also needs to stay at defense because him going up and trying to make the crosses did not go correctly, not even once. Granted other people did make mistakes. Buddle how could you miss that PK you are in the pros. My 5 year old nephew could of made that shot! Defense needs to watch their cheap shots especially so close to the goal. They are going to lose games that way.

Anonymous said...

When you can visibly see that you are playing a quick team you need to play your quick players that have pace and speed like Bryan Jordan. I dont know why they do not play him more. He has pace, speed, and the ability to keep up with the plays up and down the side line everytime. I thought he did an extremely great job on Wednesday as outside half. Take out players like Ely Allen who dont finish and are always behind the play.

Gabe said...

Why isn't Brandon McDonald playing??? Is he injured? Thanks

charlesj27 said...

Yes, Sean did make several mistakes; but as a young player coming / trying come back from surgery... the timing and crispness is naturally going to be off. I believe Bruce really required Sean to be available to play in the PPC games ahead of full-recovery schedule. My feeling is that Sean is first one of maybe two or maybe three players Bruce trusts at right-back. I think by the end of next week or early the following week - one will probably see more cuts from the roster. I believe the two games in the PPC answered some dounts and questions in Bruce's mind. I think Buddle was looking for the top-left corner in that PK attempt. That was such a poor, non-concentrated, "rookie-type" mistake from Edson. I saw that and I could not close my jaw or let go of my clenched fists grabbing the hair on my head.
If I'm not mistaken, Bryan Jordan had some-what of a foot injury from Wednesday's PPC game - he could have played - but, the safer choice was not to play him. Besudes, I think Bruce needed to see how Kyle Patterson behaved under such a fast counter-attacking team, like Suwon Bluewings in the PPC final.
I think Bruce already knows what kind of player and abilities Brandon has... but, he needed to see how the young central defenders handled the counter-attacking from Suwon. Besides, I do beleive that Brandon is a true-centerback; he is either a center-mid or a second-striker. But, in either of those two positions, Brandon still has a long way to go to be MLS ready. He's strong; he's creative; and he makes good clean passes... but, I think he'll struggle too often in MLS games without more stern coaching, scrimmages, and competitive matches. Personally, I believe he can really start to get better and boost his skills, timing, and positioning if he plays in USL-I for a while. But, he needs to have a one-on-one coach that will spend time on him and get him there. I like Brandon; but since our roster size has to be 24 players... we absolutely need players with the experience, the battle-scars, the grit & accuracy.

charlesj27 said...

Sorry... In my comment just above - I meant to say, "I do NOT believe that Brandon is a true-centerback".
I didn't proof-read my typed comments above.