Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Pictures

The last couple of days at The Home Depot Center have been interesting, and Telemundo has been here to capture most of it. But what they didn't shoot, we did. We know how you love the videos.

First, Telemundo-52 came out on Wednesday to find out who's the Galaxy's best gamer. The game of choice was Mario Kart Wii, a highly popular game amongst the guys. We won't give the awnser away, but find out for yourself Sunday at 11 p.m. on Marcador Final, which is hosted by Galaxy Deportivo personality Alejandro Navarro and Mauricio Cardenas.

Also,on Thursday, Alex Sabillon got hooked up with the LA Galaxy through Mun2, a Telemundo-owned station. Sabillon, a young man from Texas, had the opportunity to train with some of the Galaxy players. He got some advice from Kleiny and went up against Omar on a one-on-one drill. He also played tennis soccer with Dema and was given a tour of the stadaium and facilities. Those he have what it takes to play for the Galaxy? Find out when the show airs later this summer.

Finally, the team played a closed-door scrimmage against UCLA on Wednesday. Even though it was closed-door, a few VIPs manage to sneak in. Among them, former Galaxy goalkeeper Jorge Campos, who came with good friend Claudio Suarez, and U.S. National Team Head Coach Bob Bradley.

Enjoy these highlights of the match, which include Omar González's first goal in a Galaxy jersey.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the updated training video. YES, we love videos. Appreciate it. It seemed like a good, very competitive session. Glad to see that. Glad to see that in our guys, finally. I don't think I recall Alan Gordon being this feisty and competitive and desperate during training sessions. Bruce / Dave - good work on these sessions. And, honestly - it's been ages since I even heard or seen Israel Sesay on the pitch. I hope Josh Boateng & Kyle Patterson are both working very hard and impressing the team and coaches.
Again, please continue to keep us updated - with VIDEOS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the media and info.

Any chance you could share the lineups ?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that when I get on this site and I read the comments, other than charlesj27's endless adjectives, (just a light jab don't take offence.), is how people are always pleading for more news, more video. I would invite the operators of the L.A. site to go take a look at the sounders FC site and the video portion of toronto FC. though not perfect these things are slick, video updates almost daily and news updates. please get away from this cookie cutter web site and do something first calss for a change you have the biggest fan base in the country, and you don't seem to be giving anything on a regular basis. I log on just about every day and every day it's the same ol' thing.

charlesj27 said...

No worries... I know I can be wordy and homogenous in my comments. Thanks for having the patience and humor to put up with it. So, no offense taken.
But, I hear & feel yours and tons of others' frustrations in terms of content amount, style, and format. I, too, like the Seattle FC videos and updates. Hope some folks actually listen to us and do something about it.