Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking at the Opposition

Here is a look at our opponent on Saturday night, Suwon Samsung Bluewings. Star midfielder Edu spoke to reporters following the 1-0 win over Shandong Luneng on Wednesday night, as did head coach Cha Bum-Kun, who had some rather interesting things to say.


George said...

Ooooh, we can't let the Suwon coach get away with that! GO GALAXY! Many may not consider this game very important, but we need to win since we're representing MLS!

Anonymous said...

We need this win it will really boost the team heading in to the season cant wait till sat

charlesj27 said...

What? Who's talkin' smack? Bring it on, Suwon Bluewings - Bring it on! I believe Coach Bum-Kun was stating that his team would win based on the dismal, abyssal season or seasons that the LA Galaxy had in the past two years. But, it is a much different structured team starting in Feb 2009. Plus, I'm sure Coach Bum-Kun is "spicing it up" a bit with a little gamesmanship talk.
I hope the LA Galaxy team players did get the chance today to get treated, stretched, and spend considerable time in warm-ups. Players have to take critical care and precautiosn during this time. Believe me when I say injuries can strike when you least expect it and even more hurtful, when we least want it! I hope to see the same power, guts, intensity, and control as I saw in Wednesday's game against Oita. But, I believe the grounds will be less slippery - since most of the floor has had a chance to properly drain. Be confident, alert, focused, and go out there to have chances to shine and prove yourselves. Communicate with each other! Control & Possess - the tempo and flow.