Friday, February 4, 2011

We're Moving

As many of you who are accustomed to following this site are well aware, this blog will no longer be active at this address.

Given the improvements in the manner in which we are able to present and post news on our club’s official website,, the decision has been made to move all of the content that you once got here, to that site.

The information that we provide you will not change. You will still get the same “inside access” that you were accustomed to through this site, from the same folks who wrote and created this site, only it will now be found on the club’s official website, further centralizing the information and making it easier for our fans to access. No longer will you need to go to multiple sources for all of your official Galaxy news, instead you can go to one site and get everything.

We’ll still be with the team each and every day, including on the road starting with our upcoming trip to Arizona, so be sure to check the site all preseason long for all the latest information and news from the team.

These reports will be listed on the club’s official site as written by They will be in addition to the articles published from Luis Bueno and others at, as well as those from Larry Morgan of There will also be the same number of photos and videos for you to enjoy all season long.

We had three wonderful years working with the folks at blogger and in writing on this site and we thank all of you who frequented it. We hope that you all continue to follow us as we work to continue to grow over at our official website,

See you all this season at The Home Depot Center.