Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Trophy is in the Waiting

The Galaxy will play for their first trophy of 2009 tonight when they host the K-League's Suwon Samsung Bluewings in the Final of the Pan-Pacific Championship. Here is the lineup that Bruce will put out onto the field tonight as they aim for their second win in as many games.






Subs: Wicks, DeLaGarza, Marshall, Tudela, Patterson, Magee, Buddle.

Donovan Ricketts misses tonight's game with a hamstring injury while Bryan Jordan is rested because of a foot injury.


Anonymous said...

wow that was bad, defense was solid but no offense poor showing hope bruce can fix these problems before the 22th

charlesj27 said...

OK... just came back from the HDC. A lot of notes & thoughts in my head.
1) If the LA Galaxy had won this PPC and taken a hold of the trophy; I can guarantee it would have gone a long way in turning around the minds & wishes & confidence of the many LA Galaxy supporters & fans. To actually win a tournament would have put the seeds for success into the coming year for the players as a team. Well, we were awkwardly & "beggingly" close. Of course, the officiating once again was truly suspect. It's just pure atrociousness what gives the right for some of these officials to put on that uniform and blow their whistles, slick back their hair, and pull-out cards. This particular referee for the "championship" game left both his glasses/contacts and his good common sense back in the changing room.
2) Oita Trinita came out with pressure and man-v-man blocking. And, our LA Galaxy managed to manage that and overcome it with a 2 - 0 lead. Suwon Bluewings came at us with one, then two, then three players up-top with speed. And, when the South Korean team did that - it exposed our gaps and lines of weaknesses. This was the reason Bruce took out Tony Sanneh and out in Yohance Marshall. However, after that change was done - Suwon saw inexperience and disruptions in communication and coordination. That led the outside wing-backs to pick up the extra slack and over-play them. Sean (still not being a 100% recovered from abdominal hernia surgery) tried to head the ball back to Josh Saunders (a keeper who hasn't played with the 1st-11 since last year) and instead - Josh came off his line, and by then it was too late - an own goal. Suwon up 1 - 0.
3) Next, our most experienced and creator out of the back, Eddie, gets injured. As you can tell - the house of bricks is starting to shift at the base, and there's NO RE-BARS!!!
4) But, credit this LA Galaxy team for sticking in there, battling, gouging, contesting, and trying somehow to get the equalizer. That's how I know this is a different team... a stronger team... a more resilient & hungry team. I have to praise Bruce & Dave for that. I absolutely loved what Jovan, Dema, Omar, and Alan brought to the game. Chris Klein is still not 90-minute match fit yet. I'm sure Chris will get there - he's a veteran and a professional. Ely just has not played enough competitive games with the team to be dependable and accurate from the left. He's trying - I know that - I see that... But, as I have been saying, "Nothing is a substitute for good, strong, pressured competitive games".
5) I will say this, Josh Saunders made some good saves for us - he saved the team's bacon several times. Yes, I know he's not as calm, steady, and secure as Josh Wicks had played... but, I believe he did do his goal-keeping job.
6) What I will NOT forgive nor can put aside is the absolute MESS & UGLY of a penalty kick as displayed by Edson. Sorry - that kick was absolute nastiness. A mistaken kick from that of PDL perhaps. Edson has over 6 years in MLS - as a forward and striker!!! NO EXCUSE! I believe Bruce & Dave needs to pull him aside and seriously lay down the blame and law and consequences. Edson is an experienced forward and striker. His mind, his energy, his focus, his entire resolution must be and has to be to scoring, positioning, feeding, and striking. To me, his actions with his feet and his runs did not convey the severtiy and urgency of a championship tournament match.

If Bruce & Dave doesn't make this team, all of the players practice coordination, running on, then running off, then positioning, then re-routing while maintaining positioning... then, it's going to be hopeless for these guys. Groups of three's working on passing, holding, feeding, running 0 with emphases placed highly on accuracy and completion.
Next week will be already Feb. 23rd - leaving two more weeks until the next exhibition against Chicago. I really hope Bruce and Dave is goign to make it really dig in and sink in to the players that no safety, nor quarter, nor reservation will be given. Excuses and pity are not an option anymore.

ML said...

any word on Lewis' injury? And what the heck was Buddle thinking on the penalty try? Poor guy, better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Gordon - garbage
Kirovsky - good sub
Klien - garbage
Stefani - garbage
Allen - garbage
Dema - stupid but admirable
Sanneh - WAS good
Saunders - insecure

2009 Season - lost