Friday, February 20, 2009

Tim Leiweke Speaks to Gazzetta

AEG President and CEO Tim Leiweke spoke to Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday to clarify the situation surrounding David Beckham and his current loan agreement with AC Milan.

The link to Gazzetta will be up on this site later today for those of you who speak Italian. Or if you like your news in English, check on the ESPN Soccernet or Sky Sports reports.

As more stories come up from this, we'll provide links here.

And while we're providing links, don't forget to buy your tickets for the Pan-Pacific Championship Final, which will see the Galaxy host Suwon Samsung Bluewings at 8 p.m. on Saturday night.


ML said...

Time to face the facts, Becks is going no matter what we wish for,...the fans have no say on this....only money talks. Heck Becks is already making an appearance on the 24th at the Adidas store in Milan to promote their new line along with his Milan soccer boot. Its a shame!! Talk about lacking class. I was such a fan of his off the field but after this slap in the face from a guy who promised us sooo much, it just really leaves me deflated. I think the fans deserve one more year of Becks!! Give us some time for closure. Don't just run out on a team like this. You're better then that Becks or heck atleast your image is better then that!!!! I wish the Galaxy brass had some balls and made him stick to his contract because honestly, amount that Milan give us, is gonna cover for the financial losses that the team and the league is gonna take. Think about it...sales, sponsorships, and season excitement for the new fans that the league is trying to score are gonna be down without him. I understand that MLS has a die hard fan base who could care less about GoldenBalls, but what we need to realize is that we have to branch out and unfortunately big names and hype such as Becks get us there when it comes to the American fan culture in which we have to compete vs the NBA, MLB, and NFL. PLus Becks is in great form right now and I would love to seem him on the pitch with the potential we have this year. I really pray that the Galaxy score big on this deal whatever the outcome may be,.....just keep in mind of what's most important.....its not Becks, or the club, or the league, or the shirt sales, its the fans!!!!! We deserve better from our hero's who our kids look up too.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Everybody knows that Milan was interested in signing Beckham permanently once the loan agreement was completed. Tim Leiweke and Don Garber could have nipped all this in the bud by saying the following publicly: "While we are flattered that AC Milan is interested in David, we will not consider any purchase agreements because he is too important to the club and to the league."

Had they said that and stuck to that stance, this situation would not have become as messy as it is now.

Instead, Garber says that if going to Milan on loan is what Beckham wanted to do, the league would support him. Leiweke is all over the place: demanding that Beckham return, saying that the Galaxy would sell him for the right price, telling Beckham not even to consider buying his way out of the contract.

Is this any way to run a professional soccer team, or a league, for that matter?

Thoughout all the garbage of the past three seasons, Leiweke has been the one constant. He should be fired; he should have been cashiered a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Beckham should have not come here in the first place. We are not ready for him yet...the MLS is not a place for big stars from the soccer world, they are just wasting away here....He is getting older, and its an awesome opportunity for him to play in Milan and hopefully represent the UK in the 2010 games.
Only hard core fans can appreciate him, most others need to see goals, and if you remember even Pele could not do much when he played in NY many moons ago...
We saw a little of Beckham's talent here, let him go and fullfill his OWN needs, and not the needs of the merchandise machine here in the US....
Invite Milan to a few friendlies, we will all be better off....