Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duni Rejoins the Galaxy

The Galaxy finalized a trade today that sees the club acquire Todd Dunivent from Toronto FC in exchange for allocation money. Todd was in Carson today, wearing the #4 shirt, and joined the team as they took their headshots and went through their bone marrow testing.

Here is the full press release announcing the acquisition.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Bruce and Co get MLS proven players - that should help us become a much more stable and hopefully succsessfull team.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the recent trade acquisition actually happen. It's comforting and much needed. I think I am almost starting to believe that this organization and clun (players-wise, on-the-pitch-wise, quality-wise, results-wise) are heading the right direction. Thanks to Bruce, Dave, and Cobi for talking with, securing, and bringing in players with experience, quality, strength, and drive. These are such vital & necessary attributes and characteristics in players. These are the attributes that will count and show during the travelling, the different referrees, the different & new opponents, the distractions. I am hoping that Bruce & Dave are holding firm & steady and not faltering... making sure that the players that make it and stay are ones who will battle, and keep connecting, keep communicating on-field... and, enabling chances and creativity.
I hope the practice & scrimmage sessions are going well. I hope the players are getting more fluid, more accustomed, and more confident in their fitness and endurance. The players have to realize they will face very smart, fast, creative, and organized opponents soon in the PPC. I hope to high-heaven that everyone's ready and focused.

ReyBombutron said...

This is great news all around, but how about some info on Becks and AC Milan.

Is he gone??? I heard that he was named for the Champions League game with the AC Milan squad. Is that true? Is he coming back?

I'm nearly heartbroken that Becks won't be playing with a US team, especially with the Galaxy. Could you guys on the blog please fill us in already. I can't take this limbo.

Oh wait, just heard on the cable that the BBC said he's staying in Milan. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

hello everybody..I'm italian and I'm an A.C. Milan supporter...I'm sorry for you but yesterday Beckham said that he want to stay in Milan...He's a champion, we need him to try and win Serie A Championship...at the moment we have 6 disadvantage points from Inter Milan...I would like him to rest in Milan so much...

Anonymous said...

Can we please get some training-update pics & a few in-depth videos of all the players during practice & scrimmage sessions. I'm sure enough days have passed during this week to be able to post something.
I hope that Sean is still recovering and healing.
I know that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi are aware of how speedy, clever, and tactically-tight Oita Trinita and Suwon BlueWings are. But, my hope is that the players are also made fully aware and prepped for how challenging it will be. They really need to mentally and physically prepare. Next week, the practice sessions should be more harder and challenging.

Anonymous said...

i hope beckham leaves he really has done nothing for the team these last two seasons and we need a team player not some guy hoping to get a spot on the england squad for 2010 they dont want him and we dont need him spend money on some one that wants to be here

Cant wait for the feb 18 game to see our new stars

Max Lobo said...

Its great to read about all the new players and such but let's be honest, the big story here is Beckham. If he leaves like this I will be so dissappointed in the Galaxy and especially Becks himself. He has defrauded his Galaxy fans. Is it possible to trade in my Becks jersey for another player who believes in honor and loyalty to his team and its fans!! Heck give me a jersey belonging to one of the lads who came up through the Galaxy youth system. I'm willing to trade that in for this Becks jersey!! I also blame the Galaxy organization for this fiasco!! You're the boss remember!! Instead of letting Becks go out on loan, you should have set up friendly matches across the U.S. to promote the sport by using his image. Now our golden boy has left the country and we're left here with nothing but a shirt that doesn't deserve to be associated with the great crest in the front.
A former Becks fan, and disappointed Galaxy supporter.

Anonymous said...

This blog is seriously dead. There is no reason for a fan to visit it. No updates, minimal pics and videos that last 1 min to 1:30 mins. Am not trying to be mean but there was a time this blog had 20 comments on each story now look at where it is. Please post more in-depth stuff and better pics with interviews also.