Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Friday?

The Galaxy went through one of the club's final training sessions before Monday's roster and salary compliance day, meaning that this could be the final day of training with the Galaxy for some players.

For those that don't know, the Galaxy can have no more than 24 players (20 senior roster and four developmental roster spots) under contract by the end of the day on Monday and must be compliant with the league's salary budget.

Even with the deadline looming, today's training was not outwardly different than any other, with the players working on tactics and possession before breaking out to do fitness work and finishing with crossing and finishing drills.

In the fitness portion of training, the field players were paired up 1v1 with the coaches keeping track of who won each race.
While they were running, the goalkeepers were working on hitting the ball first time on pass backs, with all four keepers, including Donovan Ricketts, who participated in the entire session after missing the PPC because of a hamstring injury, trying to hit the ball with either foot to a stationary target, which was Ian Feuer.

Before the session closed with some crossing and finishing, with Sean Franklin, Chris Klein and Kyle Patterson all whipping balls into the box.

Bryan Jordan missed Friday's training with a foot injury while Eddie Lewis was also out with the hamstring injury that he picked up on Saturday against Suwon. Both players remained inside doing rehab work with members of the medical team.

While Eddie was not on the field this afternoon, he will be in Santa Monica on Saturday, March 7 to take part in the EA Sports FIFA Interactive World Cup on the 3rd Street Promenade and meet with the gamers.

To learn more about this event, click here.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the training session updates. Appreciate it. Really - we look forward to this info very much. And, thanks especially for updating us on Bryan and Eddie's injury condition/status. I believe Bruce & Dave has had the opportunity to see all of the 25 guys for four days straight now (from Tuesday to Friday). That should give Bruce & Dave the necessary points to make their very tough decisions for this weekend as to who will get cut. I know that I am very much interested and in anticipation of what the team roster will be like come Monday, March 2nd afternoon. And, I hope the official blog is definitely going to keep us informed and updated as to what happens.

Anonymous said...

excellent training update
keep it up and make it more often

Anonymous said...

The picture with Tudela shows probably the only footrace Miglioranzi has ever won.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, Saaneh way behind De La Garza!

Glen said...

thanks for the updates, it's always nice to see whats going on.

Max said...

So I just read on that Becks is gonna be part of a time share deal where he finishes the current season with Milan and then completes his year with the Galaxy, with the eventual result that he opts out of his contract at the end of the season for a free transfer to Milan to end his career. Is it me or does this sound like a ridiculous idea. I'm sorry but I think it should be an all or nothing deal. I don't want another limp leg Becks to return to our Galaxy like he arrived his first season. Plus we need the team to gel together and he needs to get back by March. Cmon Galaxy execs, put your foot down already!!! Enough of this circus crap already. If they want him, then put the money down, if not, then shut up and quit messing with our team. Who's running the Galaxy, is it Milan??? Cause it sure as heck seems like we have no control here!!!

charlesj27 said...

Believe me, when I say, "I understand the relentless frustration and let-down you and many others are feeling". I may be wrong on this - but, I eerily get the feeling that there is much more "behind the scenes" to this than the fans are allowed to know. For Beckham, he gets what he wants and has stated; for AC Milan, they get what they were hoping for as far as this season is concerned; and, for LA Galaxy & AEG... I am sure they are getting something for this, as well. We just don't know what that something is - just yet!!! I do agree with you... the focus of this year must be to prepare, secure, and field an LA Galaxy team of 24 that will play their utmost of the club and its fans. Players that willingly play for each other and for the coaches; players that begin to understand and corrdinate their timing and movements with each other. I am desperate hoping that Bruce and Dave will get this team to where it needs to be.

Max said...

Thanks for putting it so well. Yeah, I hope the most imporant result of this whole circus, is that the team bonds and produces a good product on the field. Cause as fans, we deserve it!!

I'm a huge Becks fan hence why I'm so dissatified with this whole saga of the yes/no, he stays/ he goes story line. Personally I feel that in the media, the Galaxy are dropping the ball here, especially when we have the upper hand. It's been stated the guy wants to leave but I think it would be silly on our end to let the guy go for anything less then the supposed $12 million give or take that the league is asking that Milan hasn't made a decent offer,....I say screw'em all. Make the guy comeback and play and leave as planned at the end of his opt out year. Why people ask?, because its a win win for the Galaxy and its fans and here's why: 1) The fans get their closure by seeing him play one last season, with a revamped and hopefully stronger team
2) $$$ will be made on the PR machine saying its his last season
3) Wow, we finally get a healthy and hungry who is gonna have to bust his hump twice as hard to be noticed by Capello (there's gonna be no time for him to be bitter or pissed, cause he's gotta earn his keep now with the national team)

Once he's done with us in November, we can say thanks, good bye, good luck, and good riddance.