Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tony Sanneh Ready For Oita

We caught up with Tony Sanneh after training to get his thoughts ahead of the Pan-Pacific Championship opener tomorrow night against Oita Trinita (8 p.m. on FSC) at The HDC.

Check out what Sanneh had to say about what could be his Galaxy debut.

In other Sanneh news, Tony informed us that the own goal that was credited to him in the scrimmage against Houston last week was actually scored by Leonard Griffin. At first Leo tried to say it wasn't him, saying that there was no video evidence, but after a bit of prodding, he admitted to providing the final touch.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible for us to get older and slower but in Tony Sanneh we've managed both.

Prove me wrong Tony, please.

Not impressed with what Arena has done to improve the back line.

Anonymous said...

I know you are professional, and trying very hard to get to the fitness level required for MLS. And, my hope is that you will get there. You have been with, practiced with, played with, and learned from phenomenal players... I truly hope you are able to steady, enhance, and secure our LA Galaxy backline defenders. Really, our guys need the constant instructions and leadership. I hope we get to see you play.

Anonymous said...

Come on - there's gotta be more training video. 25 seconds worth of video; why do we get dissed like this? So, it was Leonard's own goal... I hope he understand what he did wrong and how to fix it and correct it. Sometimes though, it's tough when the opposing team have slippery, sly players that "victimize" on set-pieces. This is where total toughness, marking, focus, and attention really comes into play. It only takes a few seconds to lose the focus, the grip, and, the mark.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many own goals tony will have tomarrow....
Please dont start father time bruce call xavier even he is younger then tony

Anonymous said...

If Sanneh makes the Team, I want Alexi Lalas to put his boots back on and play in the G's defense too!

some roster updates, player QAs, Wallpapers would be appreciated guys!


Anonymous said...

38 year old Tony Sanneh to start? Wowwwwww!!

instead of going up we are staying the same..fellow galaxians, get ready for a 3rd place finish in our own home and stadium..

Trinita will beat us tonight. hope im wrong, but im still very confused about Bruce..

Anyone know where LEO BAUTISTA is at??