Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bruce Arena Addresses MLS Deadline

As written today by Grahame Jones of the Los Angeles Times, MLS Commissioner Don Garber today said he wants a conclusion to the David Beckham transfer negotiatons by Friday.

Speaking to ESPN Deportes after today's training session, Bruce Arena echoed Garber's comments.

Here's what the LA Galaxy General Manager and Head Coach had to say.


Anonymous said...

Please, Please AEG and LA Galaxy executives - you've already heard it being echoed so much so far - please let's get this issue resolved. If David's short term goals, interests, & mind is with playing European football and the England National team... honestly, it does the LA Galaxy no good over-all on the field. And, that's the most critical point. The LA Galaxy needs to be, must be a better, stronger, more intelligent, more quality team throughout the entirety of a long MLS season. That's what needs to happen.
Bruce is the Head Coach & Gen-Manager. Of course, he is concerned & wants to put this drama and "distraction" to a full-stop as soon as possible. How can he direct and steer the team if there's so much unnecessary hoopla in the way. Please bring this to a close. The players on this team must commit and practice and truly play for this team. From this point on it's about preparing, instructing, more practicing, more correcting and enhancing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Garber make a stand. A quick solution is the best for all parties involved.

Anonymous said...

We are sure that waiting on the Beckham thing is tied to hearing about Landon. Are we into a "one or the other" situation? If they are not tied, then whats up with Landon? We would rather him back!