Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your Questions to Carlos

Fans, have you ever wanted the chance to ask Carlos Ruiz a question? Well here is your chance! You can pose a question to the Galaxy forward in the comments section below this post and we will pose those questions to Carlos.
Many of these questions and responses will run in a special section of La Opinion sometime in mid-June, but we'll also post many of the responses right here on the blog.

So if there is anything that you wanted to ask, post it below by the end of the day on Friday.


charlesj27 said...

Hi Carlos,

It's very good to have you back with the LA Galaxy. I hope you are finding your time and your work with the LA Galaxy rewarding and meaningful. I was very sorry to hear that you got injured only after your first 2008 MLS game with the LA Galaxy. But, I hope that the past few months has helped you to get to know all of your team-mates better, and for you to become more match fit. So, here are my questions:
1) What is your impressions of Head Coach Ruud Gullit?
2) What do you think of our current LA Galaxy team - please give us an answer thinking about our LA Galaxy forwards vs. LA Galaxy Midfielders vs. LA Galaxy defenders?
3) What do you think about the LA Galaxy fans (Is it larger or smaller than when you were playing with the LA Galaxy in the past)?
4) Do you personally think that the standard and level of MLS playing have gone up (improved) in the past few years?
5) What makes the LA Galaxy organization special to you - Is it the fans? Is it the team members? Is it the Coaches & Trainers? Or, is it just because the team is located in Los Angeles as opposed to somewhere else?

Well, those are my questions to Carlos. I thank the LA Galaxy Official Blog for giving us LA Galaxy fans the opportunity to communicate with the team. Go GALAXY!!!

John Moon said...


What are your impressions of your new coach Ruud Gullit? Also, how does it feel to be surrounded by such talent such as Landon Donovan and David Beckham?

Anonymous said...

Carlos, great to have you back as a member of our LA Galaxy. Over the years, you have gained a reputation as a diver. How does this make you feel?

Anonymous said...

Great to have you have you back with the Galaxy

1) What part of Guatemala City are you from?
2) Who has been the striker/forward you have always look up to?

I hope you score a lot of goals this season and that you can also help take Guate to their first World Cup.

Anonymous said...

If you weren't playing soccer, what would you be doing?

Anonymous said...

Carlos, it's great to have you back in L.A.

This question is about your national team duties. You are the heart of the Guatemalan national team and Guatemala was so close to qualifying to the 2006 World Cup.

--As a seasoned veteran now, what will you personally do differently in World Cup Qualifying this time around to try to get to South Africa 2010? How do you see this challenge?

Carlos said...

Great to have you have you back with the Galaxy

1) What part of Guatemala City are you from?
2) Have you ever been to San Pablo, San Marcos in Guatemala?
3) Where do you like it better in FC Dallas or the Galaxy?

starinyourfire said...

What are your thoughts with Steve Morrow being fired from FC Dallas?

How do you feel about Guatemala beating Mexico?

How do you feel about being the next all time goal scorer for your country?

What do you think Guatemala has to do in order to go to the World Cup? Do you think some of the younger talent might be used to help out the national team?

i've been a fan of yours for many years, i wish you the best for this season with the galaxy and a good campaign with quailifiers.

sdcastro137 said...

Carlos, you used to play for the LA Galaxy before and a lot of LA fans didn't like you because they think you dove too much. There are some who still hold that against you. What is your strategy to win back those fans?

Anonymous said...

Carlos, what are your thoughts on Denilson not being signed again this season by the FCDallas? Who would you say is the best player in FCDallas?

Anonymous said...

It is great to have the Fish back in a Galaxy uniform. Being from Guatemala would you have enjoyed playing for Chivas USA instead of Galaxy? In the preseason we could see that you were really working hard what is it that makes your heart pound for the Galaxy.
Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Carlos, it's great having you back in LA Galaxy. Hope that you are doing well after your injury. When will you come over to the bay area? Hope to see you in the San Jose vs. Galaxy Game.

Carter Mazzariello said...

Carlos its good to have you back in LA!!! Now that you recovered score some goals and get us our third MLS championship! What team would you want to play against if the galaxy made to the final game this year? And for all you haters diving is part of the sport, that is something you guys will never understand, so just go ahead and stick to your American football!

Anonymous said...

what defender in mls would you want to face least?