Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reserves Fall to RSL 5-2

Bryan Jordan scored his third goal of the year and Josh Tudela got his first, but the Galaxy fell 5-2 to the RSL Reserves in Park City today.

The full game story will be up on the website later today as we're flying back to LA, but for now, here's the boxscore.

LA Galaxy at Real Salt Lake
Reserve Division Game
Park City, Utah
RSL - Yura Movsisyan (Tino Nunez) 1'
RSL - Kevin Reiman (UA) 26'
RSL - Matias Cordoba (PK) 31'
RSL - Yura Movsisyan (PK) 46+
LA - Bryan Jordan (PK) 48'
LA - Josh Tudela (Mike Munoz) 67'
RSL - Adam Acosta (Matias Cordoba, Robbie Findley) 75'

LA Lineup:Josh Wicks, Greg Folk, Julian Valentin, Brandon Owens, Michael Gavin, Raul Palomaras (Injury 78'), Peter Vagenas (c) (Vito Higgins 46'), Josh Tudela, Israel Sesay, Mike Munoz, Bryan Jordan.

Misconduct Summary:
RSL - Brennan Tennelle 47'
LA - Bryan Jordan 61'


charlesj27 said...

Galaxy fans - before you make judgements on our reserve team... Please understand - that in our case... It is exactly that! A "RESERVE" GUEST team. We have four members on our reserve team that have not played more than only a few games together. Greg Folk and Brandon Owens are straight outta college soccer system - NOT the PDL, NOT the USL system. Raul Palomares and Mike Munoz are from the USL system but, have only started to play Reserves with the LA Galaxy starting in April (I believe). Now, take a look at who played for the RSL reserve team: Yura Movsisyan, Robbie Findley, Matias Cordoba, Tino Nunez, Kevin Reiman... ALL of these players already are part of the RSL squad... and have spent the considerable time practicing, scrimmaging, and developing together. So please don't judge our LA Galaxy reserves based on the score (RSL 5 - LA 2).
Head Coach Ruud Gullit has already tried to express his repeated frustration with trying make our LA Galaxy into a more consistent, seasoned, professional soccer team - but, in many ways, his hands and body are tied... Our LA Galaxy team is teh one team in MLS that faces SUCH A HUGE, UNBELIEVABLE BURDEN because of salary cap constraints.
I do believe Greg Folk, Brandon Owen, Raul Palomares, and Mike Munoz are good, solid (most importantly YOUNG / YOUTHFUL) players - but they need WAY, WAY MORE time with each other before winning chemistry can happen!!!

Take a closer look : How many instances have RSL socred in this reserve game JUST DUE TO PENALTY KICKS???

I, as a soccer fan & as a LA Galaxy fan - FULLY SUPPORT and stand behind Head Coach Ruud Gullit, Coach Cobi Jones, other coaches and trainers... it's on their faces : They know the true story & the frustration!!!

Gabe said...

how did Higgins come in for Vagenas? Isn't Vito a keeper?

Anonymous said...

i agree with you charles...but not to sound too mean...I think brandon owen, not sooo good. he should stay home.

sign greg and munoz. those kids are solid.

do they even train with the team before games??? give these guys a D contract. im sure they'll take it. hungry kids= good players=good results. our reserve team needs to represent the first team.

i was at the game, munoz and tudela brought the team up in the second half when munoz was moved down to center mid. but didnt have enough time to turn things around. sorry to say, I think pete is just over it. someone please pick him up and take him to a team that he will start in. end his misery

charlesj27 said...

Replying back to Anonymous poster / commentor above: No worries, you were not sounding "mean", at all. If we are true soccer afficionados and followers - then, we know we should have thick skin by now. And, on top of that - if we are LA Galaxy "nuts & freaks"... we have underlying bruises to go with that also. I, honestly, have NOT seen UCLA Defender Brandon Owens play up-close. So, you may be absolutely right. Remember, he was picked by DC United in the Supplemental Draft (and, DCU would NOT give up a good, talented youngster!). I really (to this day) did not understand why we didn't offer a Developmental contract to Greg Folk. I know he is talented; I mean Paul Bravo must have known that, too - and, we did pick him in the Supplemental draft. I think it came down to make / break decisions in end of January. Mike Munoz (I know) has both HEART & BITE. With the right physical conditioning, training, and scrimmage time - he can "tear things up" on the field. I really do hope that he is offered a contract. Josh is always a fighter. He still needs work on timing, passing, and running. But, when he plays - he plays with intensity & bite. And, our LA Galaxy could definitely use more of that!
Please tell me: how is Julian Valentin & Michael Gavin progressing so far? They have already played many of the Reserve games, so far. If anyone has more info to share... Please do! Thanks again, fellow fans!!!

galaxywarrior said...

how much does vagenas get paid? whatever it is...not worth it. we can sign our guest developmentals with his salary. kids who want to play. I agree, either he starts or we get rid of him.