Friday, May 30, 2008

Cold And Rainy...Toronto in May

It is a cold and rainy day in Toronto. The Galaxy trained at BMO Field this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow's match against Torono FC. Conditions are expected to be the same overnight and tomorrow so the players tried to adjust to the slick conditions and bounce ( skip) of the ball on the pitch.
It was a good session with a little bit of everything from 5v2 to warmups with Neville to a small sided game with full goals to finishing drills before wrapping up with a cool down and stretch. Here are a few snap shots.
As long time Galaxy fans will remember, Carlos Ruiz has a habit of finding his way between the goal posts at the end of training with a pair of 'keeper gloves on his hands. Today, he enlisted roommate Alvaro Pires to join him in goal.

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charlesj27 said...

Great update on our team from Toronto. Hope to see more videos; especially the Weekly Insider video feature. Love that. I hope that our LA Galaxy team plays much more together and more confidently and solidly than our play against Colorado. We need to have a strong, winning game against Toronto... and, also against San Jose. Come on LA Galaxy team - dig in, fight, play the solid, fluid, connective soccer that I know you guys can play. I really hope Carlos, Edson, and Alan have had plenty of time to practice and scrimmage together. I think Landon should probably sit this game out - there's no sense in agravating his injury. I believe that Bob Bradley is really going to need hime vs. Spain; and, especially against Argentina.
Come on LA Galaxy team - be tough, be strong, be connected, and communicative. Always be watchful and mindful of the play that develops on the field. I really hope that Joey & Alavaro gets to play the full 90 minutes in this game. We need much more depth & experience in the midfield. Our team must get some experienced, dependable, hard-working, superb-skilled midfielders. We are almost there to being a very solid, attack minded, fluid and connective team. Let's go GALAXY!!!