Saturday, May 10, 2008

Galaxy 1, Red Bulls 2

LA Galaxy 1, New York Red Bulls 2
May 10, 2008
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
NY – Danleigh Broman 1 (Unassisted) 21’
LA – Alan Gordon 3 (Mike Randolph 1, Greg Vanney 2) 77’
NY – Juan Pablo Angel 1 (Dane Richards 1) 78’

Misconduct Summary:
LA – Sean Franklin (Yellow Card) 22’
LA – Brandon McDonald (Yellow Card) 32’
NY – Dave van den Bergh (Yellow Card) 39’
LA – David Beckham (Yellow Card) 67’
NY – Kevin Goldtwhaite (Yellow Card) 75’

LA Galaxy: Steve Cronin, Greg Vanney, Troy Roberts, Sean Franklin, Chris Klein, Brandon McDonald, Joe Franchino (Bryan Jordan 83’), Mike Randolph, David Beckham©, Landon Donovan, Alan Gordon.

Subs Not Used: Josh Wicks, Julian Valentin, Michael Gavin, Abel Xavier, Josh Tudela, Israel Sesay.

New York Red Bulls: Jon Conway, Hunter Freeman, Jeff Parke, Kevin Goldthwaite, Dave van den Bergh, Luke Sassano, Danleigh Borman (Carlos Mendes 58’), Dane Richards (John Wolyniec 82’), Mike Magee (Chris Leitch 90’), Jozy Altidore, Juan Pablo Angel©.

Subs Not Used: Zach Thornton, John Gilkerson, Chris Megaloudis, Sinisa Ubiparipovic.


  • With the loss, the Galaxy’s record stands at 2-3-2 on the season, giving them eight points and leaving them tied for third place in the Western Conference standings.
  • Galaxy forward Bryan Jordan made his MLS debut in the 83rd minute, coming on for Joe Franchino.
  • Alan Gordon’s goal in the 77th minute was the 10th of his MLS career. Gordon is the 20th player in Galaxy history to score 10 or more goals with the club.
  • Chris Klein made the 92nd consecutive start of his MLS career, leaving him within one game of tying Kevin Hartman’s MLS record of 93 consecutive starts that he put together from August 21, 2002 until September 10, 2005.
  • With the loss, the Galaxy are now 0-2-0 against the MLS Eastern Conference, compared to 2-1-2 against the West.
  • The attendance for tonight’s game was 27,000. It is the second consecutive home sellout for the Galaxy and third in five home meatches this season.
  • On Monday the Galaxy will fly to Edmonton, Alberta Canada where they will play a friendly against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Tuesday, May 13. That game will kick off at 6 p.m. (PT) and be aired on KWHY Channel-22.
  • The Galaxy are back in action in MLS play on Sunday, May 18 when they host the New York Red Bulls at The Home Depot Center. The match will kick off at 7:30 p.m. and can be seen live on FSN West.


charlesj27 said...

LA Galaxy fans... what a dynamic, action-packed game from our LA Galaxy. Even though, I am sad about the final score... I am not sad about the way our LA Galaxy played tonight. And, this is a clear result of having Head Coach Ruud Gullit on the LA Galaxy's side. Once again - the MLS referrees (the officiating) : Folks, I can clearly say this... this kind of "haphazard, some-right, some-wrong, some-lucky, some-not-lucky" type of calls would never fly in professional, die-hard soccer countries. In those countries, referrees who make bad calls are called out and seriously made aware of it by both clubs and fans - especially the fans!!! I couldn't believe the number of yellow cards issued to our LA Galaxy guys. It's pure "smelly, rotten, foul" defocation. Sorry, but there were 27,000 fans at the HDC - go ahead and ask them. Our LA Galaxy is a team every "Tom, Dick, and Harry" loves to bash and hate... and, the referrees also. I was more disgusted by the officiating than anything else.

charlesj27 said...

Next topic I need to share. If today we still had the same LA Galaxy team and staff as last year - we seriosuly, seriously would have lost this game by a MUCH LARGER POINT MARGIN. Juan Pablo Angel and Jozy Altidore are a potent, strong, accurate scoring combination. Guess what - our LA Galaxy guys did a darn good job at keeping these two "away from the net". Where it hurt us was it took 4 - 5 of our guys to shut down these two... versus only three of the NY Red Bull guys to stop our advances. Also consider the physical attributes of the NY Red Bull's bac-line: YOUNG, TALL, has MLS experience... and, have been given the main task of masking / shadowing / thwarting forwards as soon as they even approach the outside box. Folks, I have told you already - Head Coach Osorio is a SMART, CAREFUL, CLEVER TACTICIAN ! This is why Chicago Fire wailed and fought New York Red Bulls on taking away their super-stellar coach. This is NOT to say that Head Coach Ruud Gullit is gullible or not good enough. NO!!! Again, ONLY our LA Galaxy has such a burden in terms of Salary cap!!! A lot of our salary cap is taken up by David & Landon... And, this is hurting us and will keep hurting us some more - until the rest of the youngsters and other members get better, stronger, smarter, and more precise / accurate.

charlesj27 said...

We are now finished with Week 6 of the 2008 MLS season. NO more "babying"! NO more "coddling"! It's time to seriously turn UP the heat, expectation, accountability, and rgency! Whether veteran or not - each player must be pushed and expected to put out positive, measurable results!!! Yes, tonight, our LA Galaxy was the more attacking, aggressive side - BUT, we still LOST! We lost not because we didn't try. My god, we tried - and, we kept on trying. We dug in and fought! I am so happy & proud that our LA Galaxy team did NOT give up and continued to fight! But, again, under fire the AL Galaxy kept on passing and making David Beckham the "magic-man". The rest of our team must be able to make runs, plays, and shoot!!! Yes, David Beckham is the MASTER at crosses and passes. But, the rest of the team must also be taught to advance, hold onto the ball, and make creative runs and plays. I saw our team work very hard tonight. GOOD!!! GOOD!!! But, all of you saw first-hand... the LEVEL of MLS teams this year are far superior than last year!!! Every team member must step-up and improve!!!

Anonymous said...

First off, I agree with Charles that the crowd was great. 27,000 again, plus the fact it is the second straight is great for the organization.

Competitive game throughout, and I thought the Galaxy battled hard till the end. Just like last week against RSL, I thought there were some opportunities for the Galaxy to capitalize on that just weren't meant to be.

I think the team is playing well overall, with the exception of some defensive lapses from time to time. It seems like if these can be corrected, our chances of winning will greatly increase. I also like how the Galaxy are really starting to compete.

Tough game for Becks. Like any sport, sometimes the ball just doesn't do what you want it to do. Him and Red Bull's VanderBergh played very had against one another. I like how Becks has brought out the best from opponents like that. Becks will shake this off and come out stronger in our next couple of games.

Gordon is improving game-by-game too. Tough call on the first goal called off, as he looked to be barely offsides. He's becoming a legit third option.

I was also impressed with Randolph. He's quick and has the ability to cut through defenders. Plays hard and tough.

GO Galaxy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks coach for your insight..

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy are my favorite U.S. team, but they are horribly lacking in some areas:

I have to disagree on a previous comment on Randolph's performance. I think he lacks touch on the ball, or at least the confidence to do something with the ball when he has it. I feel like he is always trying to dish it off to someone. He needs to build the confidence or skill to take people on with the ball, or he will never become better.

The most upsetting part about watching the Galaxy is their lack of defense. I understand you cant have stars like Beckham in every position, but come on, the defense gets beat on four out of five offensive runs. What you lack in skill and speed you HAVE to make up for in field vision, communication, and strategic play. Lack of defensive communication is also the keeper's fault.

My final thought on the Red Bulls game: Where are the closers?! Beckham's crosses couldn't be more perfect, and we had three guys miss right in front of the goal. You all know what I'm talking about. At least make contact with the ball! Maybe you will get a corner out of it, maybe it will go in the wrong direction, but it's better than whiffing.

I am not one of those guys who likes to over analyze every situation, but I am putting it as it is. We need better defense, we need shots on goal. We need people who aren't afraid to get their noses broken going in for the header in front of the goal. And for god sakes, lets see some passing. No more clearing from the defense to no body. Pick your target. Every play matters. Every person matters. Lets go Galaxy! You have a lot of potential, so lets see it on the field.

Neanderthal said...

Does anyone know yhe status on Carlos Ruiz. I wish the blog master would inform on injuries and their progress. I can't wait to see Carlos getting on the end of those crosses.