Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Underway and Running at Commonwealth Stadium

And it wasn't the best of starts as former D.C. United forward Nicholas Adderly scored for Vancouver in the 4th minute, giving the hosts a 1-0 lead.

Here is the LA lineup.





and Vancouver's





13 - Ante works his way out of danger in his own defensive third. Good to see him back on the ball. The last time that he played for the Galaxy was in the 4-1 win over Wellington in New Zealand so this is a long time coming.

16 - Joey fires a heavy left-footed shot that Djekanovic punches over the bar for a corner.

17 - Randolph's fires a left-footed shot low on goal with Djekanovic palms around the post.

21 - Adderly gets past Abel and fires a right-footed shot low off Wicks' right post.

27 - Becks curls a freekick wide of Djekanovic's right post.

28 - Wicks does well to save and hold a header from Tony Donatelli from the center of the box.

The lower bowl is almost completely packed here tonight and by all the flash bulbs popping when David goes over to take a corner, it seems as if they all have cameras.

36 - Beckham draws a series of oohs and aaahs from the crowd as he volleys wide from 25 yards out.

38 - The Galaxy continue to push forward with Franchino firing wide with his left from the top of the box.

39 - BJ is pulled downgiving Becks a freekick from the right flank which he curls into the box for Abel whose header is blocked and cleared.

44 - Gordo ties it up, beating Djekanovic to a header off a long ball from Beckham on the right, tying the score at 1-1.

We've hit the half with the score level, 1-1.

One change at the half for LA with Julian Valentin coming on for Greg Vanney on central defense. There were a host of changes for the Whitecaps with Jay Nolly going in goal, Jeff Clarke, Justin Moose and Vicente Arze going into midfield, meaning the Srdjan Djekanovic, Tony Donatelli, Martin Nash and Alfredo Valente coming off.

48 - Franchino booked for a foul in midfield, seemed like a bit of retaliation after he was taken out a minute earlier.

53- Tudela's header puts Jordan through and he beats Nolly with a right-footed shot, only to be whistled for offsides.

60 - Gordo booked for pulling back Justin Moose in midfield.

61 - Gavin on for Jazic and Nick Webb on for Adderly.

66 - GOAL - 2-1 Vancouver - Justin Moose picks up a loose pass in midfield and plays it down the right flank for Nick Webb whose low cross finds Eduardo Sebrango whose first time shot beats Wicks at his left post.

71 - Valentin gives it away at the top of the box allowing Webb to sneak in, only for Wicks to claim the ball at his feet.

72 - Wicks makes a pair of fine saves from close range, first on Webb and then on Moose.

They've just announced the attendance at 37,104. Another great crowd at a Galaxy friendly.

76 - Becks comes off for Chris Klein, with David receive a standing ovation while passing the captain's armband to Abel.

78 - Mason Webb on for Steve Kindel for the Whitecaps as well as Randy Bonsu coming on for Eduardo Sebrango. Anze booked for a foul on Troy.

79 - Diaz Kambere on for Takashi Hirano for the hosts.

80 - Cross from Klein on the right is just too far for Randolph who was sliding in at the back post.

They just made two interesting announcements here at the stadium. One, there will be penalties if the score is level after 90 minutes and secondly, there was a 50/50 raffle with thet winner earning more than $14,000. However, they only have 10 minutes to get to the press box to claim it, a rather daunting possibility if you are on the other side of the stadium.

87 - A scrum inside the box sees the ball fall for Nick Webb whose first shot hits Franchino on the line with the rebound being fired high and wide.

Update - the 50/50 winner made it and everyone is happy.

Three minutes of stoppage time on the board as LA pushes for an equalizer.

An appeal for handball (warranted from up here) is not given, earning the referee a stern talking to and a series of peculiar looks from the Galaxy bench.

92 - Wicks first gets a fingertip on a low cross, just keeping it out of the rach of Bonsu before bravely saving at the feet of Webb.

Final Whistle - a 2-1 Galaxy loss.


charlesj27 said...

Folks, even if this is not an MLS match... and, the game doesn't count in our MLS conference - that doesn't mean that our team puts out such a "shoddy", disconnected, PDL-type performance. My lord, what happened to control, width, focus, breathing, aim, and angles??? What happened??? Where our players sick or sleepy???

Yes, I saw... the pitch was an absolute disgrace. NASTY! CAVERNOUS! PATCHES OF DRY GRASS EVERYWHERE! OK, so it's like playing soccer in an under-developed neighborhood park. Aren't we an LA team? Should that really shock our players and make them totally forget about mastery, duty, communication, and tactics? It was a real SHAME to watch how our guys missed so many balls. Defense (what defense???) was no where to be seen. This NEEDS to be addressed! DEFENSE MUST BE ADDRESSED! In the weekend and coming weeks we are playing MLS teams with especially FAST Forwards. FC Dallas has Keeny Cooper, Ricardinho, and Arturo Alvarez. Our LA GALAXY DEFENSE must be dealt with!!!

Next, why are our Midfielders (excluding David, Chris, and Joey)... why are they so poor on their first touch? CONTROL... CONTROL... CONTROL... There is no penalization for keeping control and posession of the ball on the ground using either the Left or Right foot??? Come on - these are soccer fundamentals. Soccer essentials.

It was such an ugly game to watch. Josh Wicks certainly had a real busy night. Come on LA Galaxy - we are entering Week 7... Stop being so amateur - We need to play solid. We need to play tight. We need to understand control, angles, placement, positioning. We cannot play another MLS team like the showing tonight!!!

Put forth the commitment, follow-through, accountability now! DO not wait! LA Galaxy is a professional, quality, solid, competing soccer organization and club. That bar is set - let's meet it!!!

Jorge said...

Even though the team has improved since last year and I am proud of it, I have to echo Charles' comments. Scoring so many goals and allowing just as many is not funny anymore. It is not fair to other players, like David, Landon, Alan or Carlos, to have to run back and help defend because the ones on the back line are incapable to do so.

Don't get me wrong. I believe very strongly that the defenders we have now will grow.

The back line has to be tightened. The young defenders need to use "picardia" to disarm opponents. Maybe, have them sit down and watch some games from Latin America and see if they can put that "picardia" into practice on the pitch.