Sunday, May 11, 2008

Postgame Audio

Bryan Jordan talks about making his MLS debut.

Greg Vanney in two parts

Chris Klein discusses the loss to New York

Alan Gordon talks about his goal and the disappointment of losing to New York.

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charlesj27 said...

Once again, I want to commend many of the players that played hard and fought back to the very last minute. Good!!! This is exactly what's needed every time in each game! The fight, the urgency, the pressure - all of this is necessary against the MLS teams of this year. Keep at it, LA Galaxy team - keep learning, keep practicing - learn the crisp passes and angles. As Head Coach Ruud Gullit said... "No one on the pitch during game-time can afford to to be distracted or slow or lax... Always maintain alertness and keep thinking of the next one and two moves!!! Our defensive line must get more solid and mroe quicker in terms of closure and reaction times. We must improve our defensive line!!! I'm very happy with how hard Mike, Chris, David, Landon, Alan, Greg, Sean, and Joey played. Good job, you guys!!!
Our Galaxy plays a friendly against Vancouver Whitecaps at Edmonton, Alberta [away game] on Tuesday, May 13th... then, have to fly down to Texas, to play against FC Dallas [away game] on Sunday, May 18th... and, then come back to Los Angeles [home game] and play against the Kansas City Wizards on Saturday, May 24th. It'll be very interesting to see LA Galaxy's fught & energy-level against Kansas City Wizards after the two road games!
Love this sport... Play Hard! Go GALAXY!!!