Friday, May 9, 2008

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Episode Three


charlesj27 said...

Guys... These "Week Inside the Galaxy" videos are amazing. Nice job! Very good! Keep it coming, guys. I love the fact that you guys try to touch upon many different players. YES!!! LA Galaxy is a team full of great guys, professional sportsmen, and team / brotherhood. Keep this feature going. I hope the practices and scrimmages are going very well for our LA Galaxy team. Be ready - Be focused and intense. Play solid, cohesive, relentless defense!!! Please keep in mind - Head Coach Osorio is a GREAT SOCCER TACTICIAN. He studies different players, different positions... and, he is not afraid to mix-n'-match. Stay focused, guys!!! Best of luck - have fun & play hard!

Anonymous said...

yeah..TWIG (This Week Inside Galaxy) is a very pleasing series! keep up the good work!

oh yeah..who said Becks can't tackle the ball at all? he did greatly in the training like we've seen here.

anyways..very, very much good luck for all the players especially the defense againt the Red Bull! go galaxy!

starinyourfire said...

how is Carlos Ruiz's progress?