Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look Mom, We Have Audio Now

It's taken a while, but we now have the capability of hosting audio interviews on the blog. Check it out with some audio from last weekend.

Chris Klein

Landon Donovan


charlesj27 said...

Great comments by both Chris and Landon. David Beckham's two goals allowed our LA Galaxy to tie on the road. Thanks so much, David. We (LA Galaxy fans) really appreciated the boost from the two goals. They were pure quality! Landon and Chris tried their best to dig into the game nad provide some more goals. Their contribution and efforts should not go un-noticed. I just really hope that the rest of our LA Galaxy team also listens and accepts their observations and comments. Our LA Galaxy team must play with focus, drive, & intensity. Go GALAXY!!!

Jason said...

You guys are starting to do a great job on the blog.