Friday, May 2, 2008

Postcards from Utah Part 2

Well, what can we say, fans here in Salt Lake City really get behind their team. We were all very impressed with the constant noise level that the Jazz fans brought tonight. Hopefully a lot of them are RSL fans as well and they'll be too worn down to get loud tomorrow night.

  • For those of you who might have Tivo'ed the game, we won't tell you the result, we'll just end the basketball talk by saying that some fans left happy, some left sad and there were more from one side than the other.
  • A number of our players were there for part of the game (with better seats than we had might I say) but because of the game's late start time, they had to leave before the final horn.
  • As an earlier poster pointed out, it was in fact David's birthday on Friday. There was nothing big going on (that we know of) in the team, just the standard well wishes of everyone, including some of the other passengers on the plane and at the airports.
  • Six players did not make the trip as Alamo, Ante, Fish, Ely, Alvaro and Abel all remained in LA with the other 20 ready to go. The only surprise on there to many of you who will sit out as a precautionary measure.
  • The reserves are back in action on Sunday morning and there will be four guest players in uniform. UCLA products Brandon Owens and Greg Folk, whose MLS rights are still owned by the Galaxy, will arrive tomorrow as will Mike Munoz and Raul Palomares. That game will kick off at 10 a.m.
  • Lastly, we've had some technical issues getting a chance to post the second episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy, so until we can sort that out, here is a compilation of all eight goals scored last month by Landon Donovan.

More to come on game day!


charlesj27 said...

As an ardent LA Galaxy fan... I hope - really hope - that our LA Galaxy team does very well today against RSL. I want to wish our team much luck... I hope that they will get to play good, solid, cohesive soccer! They MUST NOT waste their chances; especially since the game is held on turf & at altitude. The passes and connections must be sharp and precise. Our LA Galaxy team must watch out for Robbie Findley, Kyle Beckerman, Kenny Deuchar, Yura Movsisyan, Matias Cordoba, and Javier Morales. These RSL players are very good at their positions and tasks. Our LA Galaxy team must really, really be confident and fighting to prevent them from scoring early. LA Galaxy defense must be strong, determined, and cohesive.
I hope that Sean Franklin, Chris Klein, Joey Franchino, Mike Randolph, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and Alan Gordon have a good, good chemistry together in this game. Go GALAXY!!! Prove all our doubters wrong!
Next, I want to wish luck and good, solid play for our LA Galaxy reserve team, as well. I am glad that Cobi & Ruud are able to secure guest players for the reserve games. Reserve games are just as important for our LA Galaxy younsters as 1s-team MLS matches. Hanfg in there - do not give up! Fight! Learn and be winners!!! Brandon Owens and Greg Folk are good, strong, young players - definitely can play in PDL and USL-II. Raul Palomares and Mike Munoz, both, have prior USL-I experience when California Victory used to be up & running in San Francisco.
Honestly, I really miss seeing Carlos Ruiz, Alvaro Pires, and Ely Allen play. For that matter - it's been so, so long since we last saw Ante Jazic play (I think the last time was in Nov 2007, right???). Stay healthy, fit, and keep training & conditioning guys!
Keep up with the confidence, fight, and intensity! GO GALAXY - GO!

Anonymous said...

"technical issues."