Friday, May 23, 2008

More on Kansas City

As the team gears up for tomorrow's game against Kansas City, Edson, Steve and Ruud spoke to the media today after training, so let's listen in.

Edson on the Galaxy forwards

Steve talks about this weekend's game

Ruud talks about the Galaxy's offensive options

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charlesj27 said...

It is so amazing (and, very relieving) to finally have the almsot the whole squad healthy, able, training, practicing, scrimmaging again! It is clearly beneficial to the level & performance of the LA Galaxy games/plays... but, it is so important for the coaches to see everyone at their full potential. Please you guys - do NOT forget... do NOT forget how essential, how critical it is for all of you guys to keep practicing & scrimmaging. At game time, you guys must maintain sharpness, focus, attention, and drive. Do NOT allow them to make fast-breaks and runs to throw off your posession, you control. Play solid, as a team - unified, together, responsive & quick. Play hard - love this sport!!! Go GALAXY!!!