Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Looking Back at RSL

Our video crew was in Salt Lake this weekend for the game, so here's a look back at the match as they saw it.

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charlesj27 said...

Again, guys - thanks for posting the Post-Game thoughts of Head Coach Ruud Gullit. Appreciate it. Head Coach Ruud makes a good point. And, that is that LA Galaxy needs and must play as a cohesive, solidified, supportive team. Landon Donovan, Carlos Ruiz, and, David Beckham get to play well & score because the strong efforts and timing, and support from the rest of the players has to (it must) be there during the games. Conversely, other members (especially, the youngsters of the team) get to learn more & more, and get vaulable minutes during games... because the more experienced players are playing and positioning themselves as assistant-type roles. LA Galaxy fans - realize how strong other MLS teams have gotten this year. By adding four or five more international players onto MLS teams... their level of play have improved considerably. MLS teams like RSL, Colorado Rapids, Columbus Crew, and Kansas City Wizards - these teams are doing much, much better than last year. Our LA Galaxy is also trying its best to improve and to match and to excel in its plays. Head Coach Ruud, Coach Cobi, Director Bravo, Coach Ian, Coach Chris, and Head-Trainer Armando can get us there... but, the pressure... the urgency... the intensity... the focus must be maintained.