Saturday, May 3, 2008

Live from Rice-Eccles

We're live from Rice-Eccles Stadium and while we're waiting for a video to finish uploading, here is the starting lineup.





We've unfortunately already seen one change to that as Edson Buddle limped off with a right hamstring strain to be replaced by Alan Gordon in the 12th minute.

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charlesj27 said...

Guys - what did I tell you all along? TURF (WAY, WAY DIFFERENT from grass!!!) Do you see how much harder it is for our LA Galaxy team to control the ball? And, where is the pressure (the fire & intensity)??? God, thank you for David Beckham's natural ability at free kicks! Come on, LA Galaxy team, why are you guys caught napping??? I could see how very, very frustrated Landon Donovan was... also how frustrated Ruud Gullit was! Our team must put pressure and FORCE RSL to spread out more!!! Morales, Beckerman, Espindola - these three are very, very dangerous - I can't believe they were allowed to score that fast! Again, our "achiles heel" was our defense! Because, our LA Galaxy got way too comfortable playing at home on HDC grass! Guys, come on - PLAY W/ INTENSITY and SMARTNESS!!! Don't give RSL a chance to think!!! Go GALAXY!!! Let's WIN THIS!!!