Friday, July 4, 2008

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Episode Ten

Happy Fourth of July! to everyone from The LA Galaxy blog.

It is only fitting to begin this day of independence with another ground breaking episode of This Week Inside The Galaxy.

This week, we take a look back at the loss in Washington D.C. from a Rookie perspective with Julian Valentin, who like many of you watched the game at home on TV.

Despite some heated debate over the team’s The Dark Knight screening, we got a few reviews from some of the players and their thoughts on bonding off the field.

Also, we recap the Top 10 Goals - Month of June, highlighted by some spectacular finishing from Edson Buddle and Landon Donovan. Congrats to Ely Allen on his first career MLS goal.

On the verge of his 100th Consecutive MLS start, TWIG speaks with Chris Klein and some of his teammates about the impressive milestone.

Lastly, we look ahead to tonight’s match against the Revolution and get some insight into the East’s top team from former captain and long-time Rev Joey Franchino(One of us!), who has returned home to his roots in SoCal.



Ben7 said...

TWIG is great, keep it up and happy 4th July.


charlesj27 said...

Guys, very nice WITG feature for the 4th of July. One thing that is very good to see is the togetherness, the professionalism, the comradery developing between many of our players. The youngsters especially are getting more comfortable, more open, more trusting, and hopefully, more accountable for one another.
To David, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WISHES to you and Victoria! To Chris - VERY, VERY GALD TO HAVE YOU on this LA Galaxy team; May you enjoy many more productive, professional years with this team and organization. You're our rock and our guide... Thanks! Happy 4th of July to Joey and his daughter - Glad to have you with us, Joey!
To Julian - please, do NOT give up... NOT EVER! You are good & solid at what you do, as a soccer player... Do NOT give up! The one thing you have that others have had to let go off is YOUTH... being young is a fleeting blessing, Julian... One does not realizes its importance and its power until it's gone! Stay strong... Stay professional... Now is the time to continue to learn from everyone... to build and perfect ALL of your soccer areas!!! To Landon - truly are you are an accomplished, great American soccer player... to have as many USMNT caps and as many MLS goals as you do... Please try your best to instill that drive, that determination, that competitiveness in the rest of our team... I know you're the one person that really show them how!!!
I want to wish everyone today the very best of strength, focus, drive, determination, and of course, advantage. New England Revs are NOT push-overs... and, they know how to make a slow, sloppy team pay very dearly! Don't give 'em any slack... NO easy opportunities. FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! Go GALAXY!!!