Saturday, July 26, 2008

All Lies (UPDATED)

Remember when we said that we were off to Dallas and that we wouldn't be posting until we got to the hotel... well that was a boldfaced lie.

It was the plan, but as they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...they often go awry.

We all got on our American Airlines flight to Dallas, but a mechanical issue meant that our planned 2:20pm takeoff was merely a figment of our imagination.

Making it even better, we were told at about 3:15 that we would have to get off the plane and that a new and better plane would be found for us (the Ted Danson plane!).

Suffice to say, we're in a holding pattern for now. Wish us luck.

It's now 4:15 and it appears as though we might be in luck. We all just got on to a new plane and should be leaving shortly. Here's to hoping!


charlesj27 said...

Flight Delays - been there. It's not a fun experience... In fact, sitting (idle) on the tar-mac... strapped to a seat... reading and re-reading magazines... then looking around... tehn, looking at the watch... let's just say one starts to get pretty irate after a while. Hope everything goes okay!

wavesinair said...

Hello there! I’m very happy to find a little blog like this that has inside, up-to-date, info on the galaxy. It has great potential. I didn’t even know they had an official blog! However, I have a question: who are you? I see the posts are signed by ‘LA Galaxy’ whoever that is. Why no name? Are you a reporter? Or an employee of the galaxy? Or someone else? Or multiple people? This blog could be something very big, but we need to be able to interact with a PERSON. Any successful blog includes interaction between the fans and the blogger. I’m a LA native and a recent fan of soccer. I started going to galaxy games with some friends last year and have been going to almost every home game since. I really am enjoying the sport and the atmosphere at the stadium. I am involved with the riot squad and I am friends other season ticket holders in other parts of the stadium. And now that I’m getting more and more into it, I’d like more info on what’s happening with our team! So that leads me into another blog experience I’ve had, which will maybe translate to this blog. I am a huge LA Kings fan. Been one for a lot of years. We never had a good source of info on the team. The papers barely covered them and fan sites were just as uninformed as the rest of us. So last year I luckily came across a blog written by the amazing Rich Hammond that was kind of like this one; informative, but with a small following. Rich, who is a reporter for the daily news, took the reigns and it is now, by far, the most visited and informative blog on the kings. If you’re interested, its URL is My point is, I can see this blog doing the same thing for the Galaxy fans! What do you think? Anyone? Hey Charles, it looks like you’re the main fan contributor here so what do you think? I know you’ve been trying to get things going here so please comment. Any info from you to get me up to speed would be great. Thank you and go Galaxy!

charlesj27 said...

Welcome to the Official Blog of our LA Galaxy... Serious hockey fan, huh - NICE!!! Hockey fans are hardcore and definitely vocal about it. I am not sure who exactly does the posting at this Official Blog - I believe it's a individual or two who have very close ties to the LA Galaxy Media Relations (and, ties to the Photo & Video crew for our Galaxy). As you have seen - Anonymity is a regular mode of operation with quite a few things at our Galaxy. I know - it kind of sucks... but, business organizations have slews of rules they must follow.
I would advise you to also check out Sideline Views, American Soccer Reader,, and Soccer365 to keep you as updated as possible regarding the LA Galaxy. The official LA Galaxy & MLS channels will only report stuff if they have thoroughly received approvals from Upper Management.
Right now, I still strongly believe that there must three slow/sluggish, past-prime players on our team that must be let go... and, the sooner - the better! If you've noticed - we just got our behinds seriously whooped by hungrier, faster, more powerful FC Dallas players tonight! I don't know what else this organization needs to make much, much improvement in depth, expertise, fight, and speed!!!