Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching Up With B-Mac

The Galaxy’s fourth round draft pick, Brandon McDonald, was able to make an immediate impact, coming into the game during the second half in the season opener against Colorado. Since then he’s gone on to appear in nine more games before injuring his left foot. He notched his first assist on a Chris Klein goal on May 18 when the team beat FC Dallas 5-1. He will look to return to training this week ahead of the Galaxy’s return to Dallas.

With Galaxy keeper Josh Wicks heckling in the background, we caught up with Brandon McDonald in the player’s lounge after practice to talk about playing for the Galaxy, superstitions and his insight on his roommates.

Describe how your first start for the Galaxy felt...
It was good. It was a like a dream come true in a way. Wanting to do this as a living as child, and being apart of it and getting on the field. It was fun.

You had your first Galaxy assist in May. Did you do anything special to celebrate?
No, I just wanted to keep it moving and trying to get another one.

Best moment so far this season...
Being around the guys every day, its fun. The different personalities and characters. It’s cool.

When did it actually hit you that you will be playing with the Galaxy?
Being on the field for the first time on the game before kickoff, the anthem was playing and the fireworks went off. It was crazy.

Who are you closest to on the team?
Sean Franklin.

Speaking of Sean, he said you were one of the funniest guys on the team… any jokes for us?
Ask Wicks why he’s so loud. Naw, no jokes.

What's a day in your life like?
Get up in the morning about 8 o’clock. Come to practice. After practice, go home, take a nap, wake up and cook dinner. And, just chill.

Any pregame rituals or superstitions?
I always put my right shin guard on first. That’s become a habit. When I put my left one on first, I’ll take it off and then put my right on.

Can you give us any insight on your roommates?
Frodo’s laid back. That’s Vito. Gavin is a head case. Ely is in his own world. That’s point blank.

What's one thing you want the fans to know about you?
I work hard for my teammates.


Chad said...

Why has there been no mention of Xavier getting waived on this blog? The whole reason we read it is to keep up with the latest news on the team. Puff pieces like this are fun for entertainment but when crucial news breaks, it should be reported. The fans deserve it.

charlie said...

I heard he did not get along with Ruud.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we want actual news on the team. Not stuff like this. GIVE ME NEWS! How's Franklin coming along with his injury? Alamo? What about a partnership we signed with Gremio from Brazil? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

This is news B Mac is coming back from a injury.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the other posters. This peice on Brandon is fine and i would love to see much much more of stuff like this. But at the same time I don't go to this blog or lagalaxy.com to get the late breaking news on my team. That is unfortunate because that is exactly where I should get the latest news on my team.

3 things the blog needs to update us on.

1. Sean Franklin, how is he and what is the game he is expected to be back for.

2. Xavier is gone... don't ignore it. Sometimes you have to report that someone was fired.

3. Weekly injury updates on all of the players.

charlesj27 said...

Not defending nor oppsing what some of you earnest soccer and LA Galaxy fans have staed above. The blog master(s) did say they wouldn't have critical team/player news until Thursday - when the team is supposed to resume official practice. But, if I'm not mistaken this Thursday is also the ALL-STARS game in Toronto... so, three of our LA Galaxy's MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS (at present, so far) have been called into action for that game.
I do agree - I would much, much rather know and understand details about injuries, recovery progress, training progress, deals, trades, waivers, partnerships (both domestic and international), etc... But, it has been my experience (regretfully) that only fans of special / "ultra-high" STH statuses may get to know important details regarding the team & organization we chose to cheer, lift, support, and stand behind. It's like with everything else these days gents & ladies - TRUST & CHERISH & NURTURE what you know (using intelligence, advice, resources, and instinct) to be dear and true... the rest - be ready to expel & disvow at a moment's notice before it spreads like a cancer.
This Official Blog being a reality and in operation is a monumental wonder in itself... and, I am sure those whose task it is to furnish it with info and content have to answer to many higher authorities.
Like all powerful and glory-driven establishments... the higher they believe they're climbing, the more deadly and devastating the fall will be!!!

Gabe said...

Stuff like this IS important, because you can't get it on a news site. If you just want news, go to soccernet or something. I enjoy the inside information, the videos, the interviews, etc. Of course some exclusive news stories would be great, but I can't really see that happening.

The Hammer said...

I can't wait to get B-Mac back. He's a key part of our defensive efforts in midfield and the team has just not been the same without him.

It's a shame he got injured. I think the team could've been in the top 3 spots by now if he were still playing.

Get well soon, Brandon.