Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back in Action

After a day off on Wednesday, the players were back in action at The HDC today, but with a slightly different twist.

Typically when the team has a double session, they lift weights and do fitness work in the morning, before heading out to the training field after lunch. But today, the coaches threw everyone for a loop when they took the guys out to the Track Stadium for some technical work in the morning before going in for lunch and then coming out to do their fitness work with Athlete's Performance.

In between sessions, a couple of the guys went out to the stadium to get a look at the X Games motocross events that had begun earlier. Massive ramps and mounds of dirt cover the entire surface, with riders getting massive air off the jumps. There is so much dirt on the field that more than one guy said that the field reminded them of Pizza Hut Park last weekend!

Joe Franchino and Troy Roberts stayed inside today to work with the training staff as the attempt to overcome injury, while Brandon McDonald was back on the field for the first time in about a month. He was joined by Mondou Bojang who is beginning his second week with the club and Mike Munoz, who played for the Galaxy Reserves last weekend and will be in the lineup again on Sunday.

Bryan Jordan was also not in attendance as he has returned to Portland on loan for the rest of the USL First Division season. BJ flew to Portland on Tuesday and will be available for them this weekend, as he hopes to lead the Timbers back to the postseason.

We'll have some preview audio and photos tomorrow and the team will be heading to San Jose on Saturday ahead of Sunday afternoon's game.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this IMPORTANT, VITAL information. The news on the blog lately has been INSIGHTFUL, INTERESTING, and REFRESHING. I know that we all appreciate the inside news on OUR Galaxy.

It's also nice to know the the players are working hard practicing RUNNING, FITNESS, TOUCH, SHOOTING TO GOAL, DRIBBLING, and FRIENDSHIP because that will be important to start WINNING again. OUR team needs to be better and it looks like they're working hard to do it. The San Jose Earthquakes have a lot of new players, especially attackers, and we will NEED to rise to the task to get a VICTORY.

Go Galaxy - GO GO GO!!! Geeze, I love this sport and I love this team. Yippie!!

Anonymous said...

it's good that the Galaxy have fished some talents from africa. at the bigining of the season i personaly gave Morrow of FCD a similar idea to do as Steve N did for the REVS people here in Dallas did not believe the idea. and went down to south America ironically FCD is at the bottom of the group with guys have made no mistake to get these 2 guys on board. soonner or later you will see the impact.

charlesj27 said...

Again - a reminder: the game is played starting at 12 NOON - Yes, in the afternoon... with the sun glaring down on the pitch at McAfee Stadium in Oakland. So far - how have our Galaxy team fared in 12 NOON & 1 PM games? That's right - think hard and long about that. I'm sorry - but, there has too been too many losing games (decidedly obvious) games where our team has put out horrible, miscommunicated, lethargic, passive performances that have led to these losses. We have lost so many games up front. Too many to discount. I'm glad to hear that Mandou is still training and trialing - I wish him all the best. Brandon is almost ready to make it back to the field again - that's a positive. Sorry - Sorry - right now I still have no confidence in the plays and timing and judgements of Greg Vanney and Troy Roberts. I believe our Galaxy team has 38 goals allowed so far. Absolutely unacceptable! Good to have seen ya play during pre-season games & reserve games, Bryan... I hope your learning experience here with the LA Galaxy is beneficial as you move ahead in your soccer career.
If we can't decidedly play, beat, and win against New England Revs, Columbus Crew and DCU... then, I don't know what makes us think we're deserved of going to MLS Cup 2008.
I just can't fathom the lax attitude that players and coaches are taking. By now, a few players should have gotten the stiff boot out!