Friday, July 4, 2008

Galaxy 1, Revolution 2

LA Galaxy 1, New England Revolution 2
July 4, 2008
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
NE – Adam Cristman 5 (Unassisted) 33’
NE – Adam Cristman 6 (Steve Ralston 4) 37’
LA – David Beckham 5 (Unassisted) 66’

Misconduct Summary:
LA – Alvaro Pires (Yellow Card) 82’

LA Galaxy: Steve Cronin, Chris Klein, Sean Franklin, Abel Xavier, Ante Jazic, Alvaro Pires, Joe Franchino (Carlos Ruiz 84’), Mike Randolph, David Beckham©, Edson Buddle, Alan Gordon (Landon Donovan 46’).

Subs Not Used: Vito Higgins, Greg Vanney, Troy Roberts, Josh Tudela, Ely Allen.

New England Revolution: Matt Reis, Chris Albright, Michael Parkhurst, Jay Heaps, Jeff Larentowicz, Shalrie Joseph, Mauricio Castro, Sainey Nyassi (Pat Phelan 70’), Steve Ralston©, Kheli Dube (Taylor Twellman 60’), Adam Cristman (Amaechi Igwe 79’).

Subs Not Used: Doug Warren, Chase Hilgenbrinck, Chris Tierney, Kenny Mansally.

· With the loss, the Galaxy fall to 6-6-3 on the season leaving them with 21 points. They remain in first place in the Western Conference standings, one point ahead of the Houston Dynamo and Real Salt Lake.
· Ruud Gullit made two changes to his team that lost 4-1 at D.C. United last weekend. Ely Allen and Landon Donovan were not in the staring lineup, though each was available off the bench. They were replaced in the starting lineup by Alan Gordon and Joe Franchino.
· Landon Donovan did not start the game after missing the last two days of training with the flu. He entered the game at halftime, replacing Alan Gordon.
· With this start, Chris Klein made his 100th consecutive start, the longest streak in MLS history. The last time Klein missed a game was back on June 4, 2005 as a member of the Kansas City Wizards.
· This is the first time this season that the Galaxy have allowed two first half goals. The last time LA allowed two goals in the opening 45 minutes was on August 26, 2007 in a 3-0 loss at Colorado. The last time the Galaxy allowed two first half goals at home was on April 12, 2007 in the Galaxy’s 2007 home opener when they lost 2-1 to FC Dallas.
· David Beckham scored his fifth goal of the season for the Galaxy. It was his first goal since May 24 when he scored the final goal of the Galaxy’s 3-1 win over Kansas City.
· Adam Cristman scored twice for the Revolution tonight, making him the second player to score multiple goals against the Galaxy in 2008. The only other player to do so was Luciano Emilio of D.C. United who scored twice in their 4-1 win over LA last weekend.
· The attendance for tonight’s game was 27,000, which is the fifth sellout for the Galaxy this season.
· The Galaxy are back in action on Thursday, July 10, when they host Chivas USA in the second installment of the Honda SuperClasico. The match will kick off at 8 p.m. at The Home Depot Center and can be seen live on ESPN2. The match will also be available live on the radio in Spanish on KWKW 1330 ESPN Deportes.


charlesj27 said...

Ah, yes... back in familiar territory and familiar after-thoughts. Well, the loss wasn't as bad as against DCU. But, then again, our LA Galaxy was playing at home - in safe/familiar, nurturing surroundings. My compliments to the support groups that were present at the HDC. Riot Squad, Angel City Brigade, and Galaxians - kept the HDC rockin' and made our LA Galaxy team feel its presence. Nice!
I did agree with Ruud's line-up and substitutions today against the Revs. I think it's the only line-up we can make to face such a FAST, PREDATORY, WINNING EASTERN CONFERENCE TEAM. Seriously folks... I know you guys and gals see it too... our squad does not compare "man-for-man" in skill, tactics, cleverness against players from Eastern Conference teams (ie: New England Revs, DC United, Columbus Crew, and Toronto FC). I'm sorry to say this... Please Galaxy gods, don't strike me down... but, Carlos Ruiz just does not fit into Ruud's system and style of play. Bringing Carlos on after 85 minutes of play was a DESPARATE HAIL MARY... and, the gods of fate were in no mood to listen!!! Honestly, I don't Steve Nicol was even the slightest bit worried about today's match! He could have turned away from this game - and have some steak & wine right by the field-line in peace and comfort... His superior team would have taken care of business!
In all truth, the LA Galaxy team should NOT be ranked first in the West (in my opinion) compared to Real Salt Lake (1st), Chivas USA (2nd), Houston Dynamo (3rd), and then us at 4th. Please try this exercise, from our starting 11 - take out David and Landon, and replace it with any other current LA Galaxy squad member... What yoy would have are ten (10) frustrated, lost, uncreative bodies on the pitch. Seriously, our LA Galaxy team needs MUCH MORE SKILL, DEPTH, CLEVERNESS, and CREATIVITY. We are barely making it by because of David and Landon... This is ONLY crippling us and setting us up for disaster!!! Abel (I'm sorry LAG fans), he was outrun by Cristman, Nyassi, Mansally, and Dube. Mikey - poor guy needs three touches in order to send the ball where it needs to go... He is still unsure, not thinking two and three moves ahead. Ante & Chris both did great & well - but, were no match to the speed and burn that exists on this New England Revs team. Only poor Sean, who ran his skinny tush off in this match... only Sean was able to keep up with Dube, Cristman, and Nyassi. It was because of David's true POWER, WILL, GRIT, HEIGHTENED COMPETITIVENESS... that we pulled off a goal and denied the Revs from claiming a shut-out.
Alan... my good jesus... how many give-aways was he planning to hand to the Revs... so many mistakes in ball-collecting and passing. It made every other LA Galaxy member on the pitch work extra hard to recover what he gave away. Edson had a solid performance today... Way to go, Edson! Only after Landon came on in the 2nd half, did the creativity, and offensive chances started to go our way again.
So now that's two games in a row, our LA Galaxy suffered a LOSS... nothing new, I suppose... LOSING is becoming second nature to this team... But, it absolutely will not turn-around convincingly without serious changes and re-vamping in current team make-up... our LA Galaxy team desperately requires SKILL, DEPTH, EXPERTISE, PACE, and COORDINATION... Seriously, many crosses from David, Chris, and Mikey are heading into the penalty box/goal... and, LA Galaxy players are ALL just sandwiched in there praying/hoping that the other (opposing) team somehow makes a mistake. It's just pure silliness and nonsense. Common sense, folks... When a majority of the New England Revs players are TALLER than 6 feet... why are our 5 feet, 8 or 9 inch guys crowding the penalty/goal box... What are they hoping to get or win over. Again, silliness and nonsense!!!
Los Angeles... NOPE - recently it's more like "LOST ANGELS" !!!

Neanderthal said...

Charlesj27, I'm sorry but I don't agree with your comments on Carlos Ruiz, How can you (self proclaimed Soccer analyst, coach, know it all) say that Carlos does not fit in Gullit's system when the guy has not had the chance to play because of injury? That is as outrageous as saying last year that Beckam did not fit Gullit's system (when Beckam had not played because of injury). When healthy Carlos is one of the most lethal strikers in the league, remember his hat trick in pre-season and his hat trick playing for Guate in world Cup qualifying. The guy did not enter the game at minute 85, he entered the game around minute 88 and because he did not score in the five minutes he played you have the nerve to say he does not fit the system, you probably didn't even notice that he served the ball for one of the Galaxy's last shots.
I think that Carlos should be playing for Gordon, and landon as attacking Mid, that would give us two target players, Buddle and Ruiz and two creative mids, David and Landon with Landon also joining at the top with the strikers.
Give Carlos 3 games and if he does not respond then I will join you in saying he does not fit the system but until then DON'T be so bias as not to give him the same chance given to Beckam.

charlesj27 said...

Neanderthal, I will admit that my analyses on Carlos Ruiz not fitting into Ruud Gullit's system can seem "harsh" or "unfounded" given that he has not played full 90 minute 2008 MLS matches with the rest of the team. Okay, I can see that. But, for the few minutes that he did play in different 2008 MLS games, I was closely watching and stuydying his movements. You're right he is lethal... he is creative... he knows good positioning. As you stated, otherwise, he would have gotten the hat-trick as he did this year with hte Guatemalan National Team. At the same time, I will say this: when I compare his instinctive runs, positioning, and speed... with that of our other LA Galaxy Midfielder squad... for me (again, I repeat for me) something doesn't sync or almost like they don't read each other the same way. So obviously it's okay to say give Carlos several 90 miuntes actual 2008 MLS game time to prove to us that he fits and belongs. But, then I'm also thinking - wait a minute - Head Coach Ruud, Coach Cobi, Alexi Lalas, and Paul Bravo have all seen Carlos with the rest of our team members in MANY 30 minute scrimmages and practices this year... My guess is they must be seeing the same thing I'm feeling - perhaps??? I will agree with you - Landon is a MUCH MORE BETTER & NATURAL ATTACKING MIDFIELDER than a pure One-on-One / One-on-Two Striker. David, was of course injured for much of last year and portions of this year... But, being the European (moreover, English footballer) that he is... he can quickly adapt to what Ruud Gullit is trying to instruct how he wants ALL of his players to be and produce on the pitch. The David Beckham of 2008 (in my opinion - again, my opinion) has learned so, so much from Ruud Gullit and from MLS. This has payed off for him when he went to go play for his National Team this year.
Lastly, I don't ever remember claiming to be a "know-it-all"... Especially, since I'm of the firm belief that once anyone has stated that for himself or herself - there would then be nothing more that they could learn and accept. Knowledge should be ingested and digested throughout the entirety of one's life journey; while Wisdom serves as the reflections / impressions one leaves on others as a result of Knowledge. For me - I need to be willing to learn, study, watch, and theorize... otherwise, I will have taken nor received anything from this existence.
Criticisms are always given and received... Accepted. I know that you are great soccer analyst, as well - Neanderthal... And, I'm honored to receive your thoughts and reflections. Love this game... Go GALAXY!!!

chris said...

Let's give some credit to Cronin. The guy comes out every game and gives it his all! Just need some second effort help from the defense. Congrats to Klein on his 100th game.
By the way, I was the one that received the autographed team jersey that night, compliments of Sports Authority. Thanks again to the Galaxy rep. that found me in the 30,000+ in attendence. It looks sweet and I owe you big time... As soon as the season is over, it's going in a frame!