Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot Hot Heat

It's another scorcher in Dallas as we're about to kickoff at Pizza Hut Park with a gametime temp of 102!

The Galaxy have scored 11 goals in their last two meaningful visits to Frisco and will look to put up another crooked number today.

Here is the lineup that Ruud has put out on the field today.






Subs: Wicks, Franklin, Randolph, Tudela, Allen and Gordon.

Troy Roberts was a late scratch from the lineup with a heel injury that he picked up late in the first half in New York. He trained yesterday and tried to give it a go through pregame, but the pain was too much and he was replaced by Greg Vanney.

As a result of the move, the Galaxy still have their full allotment of three substitutes, but only have six players available off the bench compared to the standard seven.


Anonymous said...

Watching the game right now.... Is Cronin really all we have to rely on for goalkeeper. I watch every galaxy game religiously, and for a while I have been patient. He's a new starter this year, and perhaps the defense is shaky at times. As time has passed, I have just concluded that maybe he isn't starter material. He's often awkward off his line, indecisive, and sometimes he just plain can't stop a ball from going into the net. Maybe it's time to at least give Wicks a shot, or at least some playing time. It is just such a pity that with such a high powered offense, we struggle to stay atop with the league's best. Oh well... let's hope this high powered offense kicks back in soon.

charlesj27 said...

Ah, the familiar territory of royally getting battered and dominated in one-half... so far! Wait, is it the heat? No, no - it could be the pre-game lunch? No, no - of course the pitch... it's not prime enough? No - how about the sun glaring down? Yes, this team can make excuses ALL DAY LONG! And, the announcers keep repeatedly chiming the league's most potent offense... So, saving it for the last 15 minutes of the game! It's a huge, huge wonder to me why ours is the one organization that babies and gives this many chances to our players. If players don't cut the grade - TERMINATE W/ ABSOLUTE CONVICTION! We absolutely need players that are NOT afraid of defenders!!! They must FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT - and dribble and keep the ball!!! All this finesse and technical suave - for what??? If our players are going to get disposessed - what's the use?
Where is the down-right hardcore winning, fighting instinct??? Please - Please let the slow-pokes from our team go already!!! Good lords of heaven, haven't teh experiences with New England Revs, DC United, Houston Dynamo, and now FC Dallas - haven't they teached our players and staff anything???

Anonymous said...

the goalkeeper did a terrible job. I totally agree with 'streak9515'. Our patiens are runing out for Steve Cronin. Please find another goalkeeper if Galaxy want to win.

galaxyfan1118 said...

I am tired of hear about how bad the defense is..... The biggest problem is the goalkeeping. Cronin is a POOR decision maker and has been solely responsible for several goals this season, including the first two from this game.

Here are his issues: He does not stay on his line appropriately. (Everyone in the league now knows this and tries to chip him every game.) He punches balls that are easily catchable. (This has resulted in at least two goals that I remember.) He decision to come out is not decisive. (I have seen him back peddle more that once.) He blames everyone else for his inability to position himself. (Several near-sided goals this season.)

Enough is enough. Make a change and stop blaming the defense. They will never be perfect and your goal keeper should be able to get a few more of those poorly hit shots.