Thursday, July 24, 2008

All-Stars Win 3-2

Becks is in the starting XI while Landon and Edson will come off the bench.

Landon in fact did come on, replacing Blanco at halftime. Edson has just gone on as well, replacing Jonathan Bornstein for the final few minutes plus stoppage time.

The game ends with a 3-2 win for the MLS All-Stars. Becks had an assist on the the first goal for the All-Stars and he played the full 90 minutes, while Landon and Edson each came on in the second half to help ensure a fourth straight win for the good guys.

Best of all though, no injuries for our three guys and they'll be with the rest of the squad this weekend against FC Dallas in Frisco.


charlesj27 said...

Didn't get to see the game from the beginning. Just made it home after work to catch from 75th minute onward. Congrats to all those who got to play in the MLS All-Stars game. From what the commentator's were saying it seemed like a very exciting game. Congrats to Cauhtemoc Blanco for winning the MLS All-Stars MVP this year. I saw the replay of his back-heel pass - NICE!!! He is such a clever and aware player on the pitch... Plus, at his age - he does so well playing on turf... Ehhemm!?!?! David looked like he was really enjoying the match - especially seeing some players he knew from the British Isle. Landon, also, was putting on a very good performance against West Ham. All in all our men represented LA Galaxy (indirectly - of course) very well! Even Edson got a chance to come at the final minutes. The best part as the blogger stated - our Fabulous Three are coming back to us UNINJURED - YES!!! Will Eduardo get to debut for the team in Frisco? I really hope to see Brandon and Joey back on the field again in Frisco. Moreover, I hope Carlos Ruiz gets to play a full 90 minutes against his former team. He needs to get more actual match minutes to get back to competitive and aggressive form!

charlesj27 said...

I read this excerpt from Soccer Insider @ Washington Post:
"I hear that midfielder Arturo Alvarez is not happy and that the club might be eyeing Bruno Guarda, the Brazilian midfielder who played for FCD Coach Schellas Hyndman at SMU...". If there's any truth to this... Please LA Galaxy Management - we could really use Arturo Alvarez.
1) He's a very good LEFT MIDFIELDER!
2) He is NOT OLD! And, can really run up & down the left wing.
3) He's also very good at long-range shots towards goal!
4) He is a very good companion of Carlos Ruiz - they both work extremely well together! They have a chemistry - a understanding!
5) I am pretty sure he will easily fit into Head Coach Ruud Gullit's football style and system.
Please give it serious consideration!!!

Anonymous said...

Landon did nothing in his 45 minutes. He did not shine, did not dribble, did not pass, he was his normal self when playing in or against Europe. Buddle did not have enough time to be praised or criticized. The only one who showed his class was Becks. Sorry, not a Landon hater just a matter of fact guy who wants to be fair.