Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Crowds Are Filing in at Giants Stadium

And the Galaxy are on the field for pregame warmups. The lineups have been exchanged and here is the squad that Ruud will be sending out this evening.






Subs: Wicks, Dominguez, Franchino, Randolph, Tudela, Allen and Gordon.

Carlos is in the starting lineup for the first time since the season opener in Colorado. He is partnered by Edson, meaning that David and Landon will be on the wings.

Wicks is back on the bench for the first time since undergoing knee surgery last month, while Dominguez makes his debut in the 18 man squad. He has trained all week , but has felt under the weather the last few days, so Ruud is playing it safe and leaving him on the bench.

More to come as we inch toward kick-off.


Neanderthal said...

Finally what I was waiting for, having Ruiz and Buddle up top with Landon and Becks creating.
The game hasn't started but I hope this works and we make a statement on how serious we are about winning MLS Cup this year. I expect at least one goal from Carlos.

charlesj27 said...

Good, smart decisions by most of our LA Galaxy players. On such a HOT & HUMID day, I believe Head Coach Ruud has drilled into every one of his players - do not over-exert and keep running, when the ball can travel fast on such a surface. I really liked the attacking build-up between David, Edson, and Landon. Very good - this is what our LA Galaxy need to do more of! I am glad for Carlos - he finally got a 2008 MLS goal. Good for him - it's a good boost for him. I'm not sure if Greg Vanney and Ante Jazic are on the same page??? For me, Landon Donovan clearly has been the difference maker in this game. I do agree with Ruud's line-up... So far, LA Galaxy has looked decent and calm in attack (offense) - but, Dave Van Bergh, Seth Stammler, Dane Richards, Jorge Rojas - are all trying very, very hard to turn the ball over and give it over to Juan Pablo Angel. I just the temperature gets to cool down some more at Giants Stadium. Our Midfield and Forwards must communicate and be on the same page. We can win this... We need to keep calm - find the opportunities and execute!!!

charlesj27 said...

Why? Why, O' Lord - why is it that in one-half we're controlling, challenging, directional, and positive... and, in the other-half we play like absolute mental-deficient donkeys? Again, we got beat... Again!!! Wake up!!! WAKE UP!!! Please, dear smart people somewhere, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Let go off players that are NOT able to deliver. Greg Vanney - sorry, dude... ABSOLUTELY BEAT by the NYRB forwards/mids. Troy Roberts - really! ALL of you thought he was creative and reading plays all the time??? Why - why is it this team has to insist that only Landon, David, Edson, and Chris work extra, extra hard!!! Why? SHAMEFUL!!! ATROCIOUS!!! Please - already get rid of Pete Vagenas... good lord, it's like watching the afraid, shakiness of a 15-year old play! We keep crucifying ourselves. BRING IN SOME GOOD, SOLID, WORTHWHILE PLAYERS - DO IT!!! This is getting too sick to watch!!!

charlesj27 said...

Dave Van Den Bergh enjoyed every minute his crosses made toward some awesome, on-target creative plays... and, he does it all with one to two touches. Honestly, LA Galaxy management - does the organization have anything against bringing in some TALL (greater than 6 feet) players??? We keep losing ALL of our aerial battles. Alan Gordon - even with his positioning and work-rate... is very easy to manuever around and beat... Why? Because of his speed - Dave Van Den Bergh is a bit faster - but way more adept and immensely clever!!! I just don't get it - we are carrying on like we have NO URGENCY... NO SENSE OF PRIDE... Isn't anybody held accountable in the management??? Honestly, I feel that the team players are NOT pushed to win - they are NOT afraid of anyone - because they know they've got it "cushy"! I swear, David, Landon, Edson, Chris, and to a point Alvaro (today) worked so much harder than the rest... Pete, Greg, Troy... Down-right PITIFUL!!! We are in Week 17 folks... Week 17 - does that mean anyhting to anybody???