Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week Inside The Galaxy

In the first installment of this season's This Week Inside The Galaxy, Troy Bardy finds out what the players are saying about the match against Barcelona, gets to know Chris Birchall and previews Sunday's Military Day game at The Home Depot Center against Columbus (Noon, FS-W and Telefutura).

Additionally, be sure to head over to to read the latest View from the Booth column from Mark Rogondino and a pair of features from the ever-present Larry Morgan.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks... Thanks... Thanks so much for bringing back "This Week Inside the Galaxy" video summary feature. I was wondering why this neat feature was put back on the shelf in mothballs all this time. In any case, it was really good to see the guys out practicing in video. Appreciate it! FC Barcelona is a team that is composed of players, coaches, adn trainers that live, breathe, and command beautiful, fluid, attacking soccer. It will be amazing for so many LA Football/soccer fans to see thsi world-renown club and its players. I wish the very best for the LA Galaxy, its players, its coaches, and most of all its loyal fans. I must say Chris Birchall looked very good out there. Thanks, Chris for saying some good, positive things about our facility, our staff, and our club. I hope that tomorrow's amtch against Columbus really, really goes our way - they way our players command. Be sharp, be focused, be strong - and, carry the momentum forward. Play hard & play well!
PS: I absolutely enjoyed Bruce Arena commanding out observations, instructions for the purposes of correcting mnistakes. Coaches are supposed to get animated, lively, and concerned about their teams' progress, smarts, and product-on-the-field!

Anonymous said...

Good shoo guys. Keep this up.

PS- "g" is silent in Mi"g"lioranzi.

Also, get of direct sun so you won't have to squint so much on camera. Just keeping it real dog!

Anonymous said...

This new feature is great! Getting inside the galaxy is exactly what the fans are looking for on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work blog crew!

Patrick said...

I've missed these videos, what took so long for them to come back?

Anonymous said...

Birchall better be more than just a defensive -minded pest. The Galaxy need attackers. Miglio-whatever is simply awful.