Monday, May 4, 2009

Off and Running

The Galaxy were back in training this morning as they have begun their preparations for Wednesday night's opponent, Real Salt Lake. The team will train here at The Home Depot Center again on Tuesday before heading to Utah in the afternoon ahead of Wednesday's game.

But while the players and coaches are looking ahead, we'll look back at the Galaxy's first win of the season on Saturday night. The night featured just nine shots between the two teams (tying an MLS record) but Landon had the one that counted, a 39th minute penalty kick that stretched LA's unbeaten streak to four.

Also, in case you missed it on Saturday, here is a look at the video that we played on the scoreboard prior to Saturday's game, honoring Chris Klein for his 300th game.


Anonymous said...

good job guys, now go take out RSL

charlesj27 said...

Fitness, testing, stretches, cool-downs... OK, it's important; but, let's not forget about instructional & corrective scrimmage sessions. That is alos highly important. The LA Galaxy players need to continue to focus very much on passing accuracy & correctness (in terms of range, speed, and directionality). The ball has to be kept on the floor. Too many times, opposing teams try to disrupt rhythm, awareness, and directionality by constantly playing over the top balls, or the ever popular "pogo-stick type head-bops". As often as possible, adn as directly as possible the LA Galaxy team members have to keep control of the posession and directionality, keeping the ball on the floor, posessing, moving the ball in tight angles and releases. One touch and two touch practices will eventually become the emphases and standard. The team is not there yet, but, everyone have to work at it on the team. Playing positions, switching roles, remembering to track back on defense while others with a better position move in offense. Come on LA Galaxy, work at it - focus on improving the soccer fortitude and depth. Believe me, it's not about being fancy and performing juggling and tricks; it's about timing, moving, passing, one-touch and two touch. And, in this league about posession, holding, proctection, covering, shielding. Always strive to improve the player's smartness, the abilities, and connections on the field. Work hard, LA Galaxy - that's the only way this team is going to move up in standing, in understanding, in confidence, in repeatability, and in plays.

Anonymous said...

I saw it in the stadium, wasn't there different music? I thought it was Foo Fighters.

Anonymous said...

Who is that little guy between Tristan and Julian? Please don't tell me we have acquired him for the team... :(