Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back At Work

After two days off, the Galaxy returned to the field today to begin preparations for Sunday's home game against Columbus.

Don't forget, the MLS All-Star Voting is now open. Help send your favorite Galaxy player to Salt Lake this summer. Also, the first 7,500 fans at Sunday's game will receive this nifty LA Galaxy Support the Troops hat (pictured right) that has the American Flag on one side and the yellow ribbon on the other.

The coaching staff started training the day with some possession drills and a 3v3 short-sided game, where offensive players were pitted against defensive players. After that, the offense worked on finishing while on one side of the field while the defense worked on communication and clearance.

At the end, the players warmed down by running in groups of three through three different stations set up in one half of the field. The drill alternated between sprinting and jogging before heading into the locker rooms.

Donovan Ricketts, who was listed on Monday's injury report as probable after favoring his right thigh at the end of last weekend's game, did go through the entire training session with the first team.

Here's some audio from today...

Mike Magee...

Omar Gonzalez...

Here are more picture...


MattJack said...

wheres Birchall??

Also, I hope those hats are deep enough, the Navy Blue ones last year are too shallow and really don't fit an adult male's head. They are now being used as decoration.

Anonymous said...

Is the guy next to Landon Donovan Chris Birchall I think his wearing number 33 I hope the LA Galaxy get him they could use a guy like that.

Anonymous said...

Matt maybe your dome is to big lol
We really need a win this weekend

charlesj27 said...

Thanks guys, for continuing to update all of us on training & scrimmage sessions. For me, these updates conitnue to inform me and allow me, as a fan of the sport and of this club, to follow the team's progress. Again, as a person who plays the sport, I find these updates valuable. So thanks.
Also, thanks very much for the pics. I hope our team can get a win - a much, much needed win this coming weekend. Our Galaxy team needs to play connective, dynamic, "linking" soccer. It's not at all easy as it initially sounds. To play two-touch/one-touch soccer takes so much work & practice to develop and time correctly. Again, I am really hoping that Leonard Griffin and Yohance Marshall are recovering and re-ganing fitness. I am happy to hear that the coahces are wanting to be more busy, more involved in the player's progress and touches on the pitch. I hope that Cobi, Dave, Bruce, and the trainers are monitoring everyone closely, pushing them as best as they can, and demanding continued improvement. I can't stress this enough - this team/club/organization needs to WIN games, especially home games. To get there, they have to keep practicing and pushing themselves to pass much, much better... improve posession and control in confrontational/tight situations, and to take chances on net & goal. This team can and will improve - but, they have to work immensely hard all the time - one cannot expect to get better & more reliable & consistent without constant drills, practices, and scrimmages. Bryan, Alan, Tristan, Kyle - they have their strengths that they're comfortable with... but, each one of them have to improve their ability to hold onto the ball, making accurate passes, learning to shield/position, adn then to de-tract/turn for quick release.
Take a look a the last pic in this post, and look towards the right-edge of that pic... I belive you will locate who you're looking for.
To become a reliable, consistent, good soccer team - everybody have to put in the work, the effort, the learning, and the communication... there is no other quick nor easy way to get better in soccer.

Anonymous said...

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Here is how it will work:

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If the Galaxy tie we do it again on 5/30

If the Galaxy lose you leave your tie at the gate in a trash receptacle and money will be donated to

This is a grass roots fan effort, please get behind it and WEAR A TIE!!!.