Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buddle's Late Goal Give LA 1-1 Draw With Kansas City

LA Galaxy 1, Kansas City Wizards 1
Saturday, May 30, 2009
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
KC – Davy Arnaud 4 (Herculez Gomez 3, Roger Espinoza 2) 84’
LA – Edson Buddle 1 (Landon Donovan 4, Dema Kovalenko 2) 87’

Misconduct Summary:
KC – Jimmy Conrad (Yellow Card) 47’
LA – A.J. DeLaGarza (Yellow Card) 57’
LA – Gregg Berhalter (Red Card) 59’
KC – Davy Arnaud (Yellow Card) 78’
KC – Lance Watson (Yellow Card) 92+

LA Galaxy: Donovan Ricketts, A.J. DeLaGarza, Gregg Berhalter (Sent Off 59’), Omar Gonzalez, Todd Dunivant, Josh Tudela, Dema Kovalenko, Eddie Lewis (Chris Klein 78’), Mike Magee (Tony Sanneh 61’), Landon Donovan©, Alan Gordon (Edson Buddle 66’).

Subs Not Used: Josh Saunders, Stefani Miglioranzi, Bryan Jordan, Jovan Kirovski.
Kansas City Wizards: Kevin Hartman, Lance Watson, Jimmy Conrad©, Aaron Hohlbein, Besler, Davy Arnaud, Jack Jewsbury, Kevin Souter (Roger Espinoza 61’), Michael Harrington (Graham Zusi 61’), Herculez Gomez (Abe Thompson 88’), Claudio Lopez.

Subs Not Used: Boris Pardo, Michael Kraus, Rauwshan McKenzie, Kurt Morsink.

· With the draw, the Galaxy are now 1-1-9 on the season, leaving them in fifth place in the Western Conference with 12 points. They are now one point ahead of sixth place Real Salt Lake who lost 2-1 in San Jose earlier tonight and four points behind fourth place Colorado who defeated New York 3-2 earlier in the game.
· For the first time this season the Galaxy used the same starting lineup from the previous weekend. Not only did Bruce Arena start the same 11 players as he did in last Saturday’s 1-1 draw at FC Dallas, but he also started the same seven players on the bench.
· The Galaxy were without the injured Sean Franklin and Yohance Marshall who are both on the Disabled List with hamstring and knee injuries respectively.
· Tonight’s game was the last with the Galaxy for Landon Donovan before departing for National Team duty. He will miss the Galaxy’s game in Toronto next weekend and potentially as many as three more if he is included in the U.S. team that goes to South Africa for the FIFA Confederations Cup.
· The Galaxy failed to score in the first half for the seventh time in 11 games this season. However, in six of those seven games LA has gone on to score in the second half.
· Edson Buddle’s goal in the 87th minute was his first of the season after tallying a career-best 15 goals in 2008.
· Landon Donovan and Dema Kovalenko each assisted on Buddle’s goal. For Donovan it was his team-best fourth of the year while Kovalenko now has two assists, tying him with Mike Magee for second on the club.
· Buddle has now scored in each of his last two games at home against the Wizards, with both goals coming late in the second half.
· Gregg Berhalter was sent off in the 59th minute for a foul on Claudio Lopez. It was the second red card of the year for Berhalter, making him the first Galaxy player since Kyle Martino in 2007 to be sent off more than once in a season. He is now the fifth player in Galaxy history to be sent off two or more times in a season.
· Berhalter’s red card was the Galaxy’s fourth of 2009. They were shown just three red cards in all of 2008.
· Chris Klein entered the game in the 78th minute, replacing Eddie Lewis. He has now played in 124 consecutive games, an MLS record.
· With the draw, the Galaxy’s unbeaten streak extends to nine games, the longest unbeaten streak for the club since a 12-game streak that began late in the 1999 season and ended early in the 2000 campaign. LA is 1-0-8 during the run.
· The draw was LA’s fifth straight, setting a new club record for consecutive draws. Four of those five draws have ended 1-1.
· Donovan Ricketts made two saves for the Galaxy and remains undefeated as an MLS goalkeeper, improving his record to 1-0-8.
· The Galaxy wore their all-white uniforms tonight and remain unbeaten in them, going 1-0-8 when wearing all-white.
· The attendance for today’s game was 19,673.
· The Galaxy are back in action on Saturday, June 6 when they head up north to take on Toronto FC at BMO Field. That game kicks off at 1 p.m. (PT) and can be seen live on FS West.
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charlesj27 said...

Great effort, cheer, and support from ACB, Riot Squad, and Galaxians in yesterday night's game. Very good atmosphere at the HDC. Happy for the 19,000 or so attendance. The first half from our LA Galaxy team was the strongest, most assertive, and controlling of play performance I have seen from this team so far. They controlled and managed the game. But, we lack that goal-scoring edge & tenacity... To score goals timing of runs, holding onto balls fed in from passes and crosses are key! And, unfortunately, Alan Gordon's aim & skill is that of a lumbjerjack with glaucoma and arthritis! I don't know how many different chances and games this player has been given - over & over again to get better, more steady, more improved, and more alert. But, I guess being Landon's favorite buddy and commrade - he get's to start practically all of the games. To me, Edson is the more natural goal-scorer... the way Edson positions and anticipates is much more conducive to goal-scoring - which is the whole point... we cannot keep hoping and playing for those ties and single-pointers... then again, everybody is going to scream at me saying, "Hey, fool - we haven't lost in these past many games"! Fine - what's the point in arguing when people are content with staying at 5th or 6th place in the Western conference! Alan has been given so many favors and chances - I don't know which other club/team would have given a player this many chances... but, he is 6'-3", and physical enough to win aerial crosses and posession - if only for 3 - 4 seconds. I know the coaches know this and see this - but, are keeping quiet like sheep and lambs - so as to not rub Landon's favorite buddy the worng way. Gimme' a break! Thanks you, Gregg for doing what you absolutely had to give this "dream-induced, coma-hazed thinking of a team" the chance to catch up after Edson and Chris was subbed in. Otherwise, Kansas would ahve walked away from this game either 2-0, or 2-1. Wake up, coaches! Wake the heck up!!! If you guys don't have the guts, the stones, and the authority to bring in and secure players that actually are winners in heart & mind, and think of nothing else but pushing forward and in critical points of the game... then, it's time to go back to soccer 101!

charlesj27 said...

Thanks a whole bunch X 10 to Eddie Lewis, Landon Donovan, Dema Kovalenko, Josh Tudela, Omar Gonzales, Gregg Berhalter, Mike Magee (even though, you made quite a few passing mistakes, Mike!), Todd Dunnivant, Chris Klein, and Edson Buddle for keeping us in this game and coming away with a point!!!
Alan Gordon - dude, you are immensely, immensely fortunate to still be on this team and playing - because, for sure, no other professional & competitive team would have given a player this many opportunities and chances. Eddie worked his damned 35 year-old legs off to constantly feed in passes and crosses... and, to botch them up the way Alan managed to - it's embarassing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with many, many respects. Alan is one of my (family's favorite players), but as a coach myself, and forever a stdent of the game, Alan needs to soften up his touches, shorten up his "control passes", and find that "finesse" that is eluding him?! I've played Sport(s) all my life, and I know sometimes "that's how things are going for a player",'s time for some serious one-on-one for Alan with someone who has tremendous first touch and controll capabitiltes!! Landon?? After all, he IS your Bud?!! On another note, I was REALLY impressed with the play of Dema Kovalenko in last nights game, (to say nothing about the wonderfull play of our Goal Keep Ricketts...WOW!). Dema was "spot-on-the-ball", and his changes of direction ball play/body play and decission making were outstanding last night. Great Job Dema! You should have been included in the Most Outstanding Player Poll for last nights contest!! Kindest Regards, Coach Ken.

Anonymous said...

Gordo has been with us for what? 4-5 years and he's the same player he was then. He hasn't improved a single bit. If buddle isn't fit to start then give bj his opportunity he shows the tenacity and the heart of a winner. Gordo has the pace and skill of a boulder. Klein is a great super sub. Buddle and klein really cranked it up for the team. And my early player of the year has to be donovan rickettes, guy is phenonenol.



ds said...

Some of the plays Rickeets did was absoutely amazing! I was speechless for some of the saves he made! Its about time Buddle starts scoring and yes I realize he was injured but its about time he catches up! Omar Gonzales was a huge part in the other team scoring it showed a replay and he wasnt even nearly close to where he was supposed to be or his player but rather walking back up the field away from the entire play. He needs to step up or get out because I have seen numerous plays where he is out of position which costs them goals! No excuses!

Anonymous said...

What else could be said? Another goal scored straight down the middle,both CenterBacks Out of Positon,GONZALES & BERHALTER. My gawd,Omar is so slow,and Berhalters always grabbing a jersey,and why is that? Cuz he keeps getting beat tring to play that offsides trap crap. Might work if those 2 Centerbacks would communicate. TODD & A.J had a solid game,and they both were in the attack when possible,but played defensively strong.
KOVALENKO played good,was nice to see him play strong without getting red carded. GORDON/MAGEE,as many chances as you 2 had to finish balls,
we'd of won by 3/4 to 1,but we wouldn't be able to hit the side of the HDC if you were in front of it . Good luck in Toronto,stay warm

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 6:04 Berhalter wasnt in the game when we got scored on we were down a man

Anonymous said...

Omar should be converted back to the forward he was as a youth player. He could be another Kenny Cooper.

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

Yeah, Gordo left a few on the field the other night, no denying it. But, so did Buddle ( he could have had two), Magee, and LD. Yes, Landon is the teams leading scorer (Gordo 2nd) and I love him for that, but of his six goals, 2 are PK's so I consider those "Gimmie" opportunities (not to say that PK's are "gimmie " points, we all know how bad the Galaxy have been with PK's in recent years[SUPERLIGA & PPC tourneys] and they can be tough) so really, 4 goals for the year. Still lots of love for Landon here, but how many times has he hesitated on pulling the trigger inside the 18, and ended up just giving the ball away. What about the rebound opportunity he had that he squandered on Sat night? we have lots of problems, from lot's of people.
What about the AMAZING game Dema had, and the GREAT play of AJDLG? AJ stepped up his play and had a huge night on Saturday as far as im concerned. Chris MF'n Klein baby!! He was a welcome spark in the second half. Buddle, Im not a big fan, but HUGE goal when we needed it.
Let's face it, we are in for a LONG and probably fruitless season. Lets find the bright spots where we can, but let's not whitewash the BS either. Bruce sucks and his best days as a coach are behind him. I want nothing more than to be proven wrong, but I don't see it happening.

ds said...

Landon needs to be more selfish at shoot more! Especially since he is one of the few that CAN score!

charlesj27 said...

I know MarkV, I really try to find the good (bright) points of this team first, even before I start to write/type comments. Yes, all four: Alan, Landon, Mike M, and Edson missed opportunities for scoring. But to me, Alan consistently keeps missing a whole lot more than the rest of the above mentioned. That's what irks me - and, befuddles me as to how generous the coaches have been in giving starting 11 roles.
Honestly after the last year and a half - I'm not even going to complain about defensive lapses/mistakes. Last year was the most horrifying display of porous defense. Omar, AJ, Sean, Yohance (for me), I would like to give them a lot more time in crucial games under Bruce and staff. One does not get "gifted" with excellent defensive stance & wit out of the college system and getting thrown into MLS. Honestly, I think Landon's ability & stats will greatly improve when there is a more capable, adept, distribution-minded target forward in front of him. Landon's 5'-7" frame is not conducive to 1st chance scoring with how good most other MLS defenses are. I would honestly like to see Joseph Ngwenya as a target forward (pair) with Landon. I believe Joseph's weaving/distribution, and shot-on-target/accuracy-in-passing is way, way better than Alan's. But, I'm not sure who currently has Joseph Ngwenya's rights... Again, I personally, would like to see him play with us.
Dema (to my great joy & happiness) is having much better performances with our team. Thanks, Dema for your guts, grit, and willingness to play BOTH offensively and defensively! Chris Klein is showing some good shooting and patience with the ball if he's given a chance to fully recover and rest. For me, I am a fan of Edson - because, I know what he's truly capable of. He's got better footskills than most other forwards on this team. But, he is a lot slower now & quite injury prone - but, this has been a chronic condition for him for years now.
Honestly, say what you will about Bruce - and his effectiveness as a great coach. I do see this - there is less in-fighting, there is less drama, players are training harder and longer, and he works with each one of them to get what he wants out of them during game time. At this point - I am willing to be content with that. This team's productivity & success is going to come down to their collective training, awareness, guts, and endurance. I don't believe one can apply formation and tactical finesse to this team. That kind of football/soccer takes years to gel and develop - basically it has to start from the academy level!

Anonymous said...

Too many times this season i have found excuses for the draws we get. Away from home, injuries you name it. But now am all out frustrated and near disgusted. I mean this is a professional team and should not have to struggle to get wins especially with the players we have. Even San Jose and Dallas have more wins even though we have more points. PICK IT UP BRUCE! Dont accept draws at home or when we have numbers advantage its getting crazy now. AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!

Limey said...

Doesn't matter what you say about LD or Buddle, at least they are MLS caliber. Gordon is not, it's unbelievable that he contiues to be picked on this team. It's as bad as persisting with Cronin last year when he was obviously not good enough.