Saturday, May 23, 2009

Live from Pizza Hut Park

A pregame rain has soaked the field here in Frisco as the Galaxy prepare to take on FC Dallas.

Here is the team that Bruce Arena will put out on the field this evening as LA looks for their second win of the year.






Subs: Saunders, Sanneh, Miglioranzi, Jordan, Klein, Kirovski and Buddle.

FC Dallas is also looking for their second win and they'll look like this...



van den Bergh------------------------------Rocha




Subs: Lambo, Davies, Wallace, McCarty, Sanchez, Avila and Cunningham.


charlesj27 said...

Sweet. Sweet. 1st goal by our guys! Way to go LA team! Proud of the confidence and attacking spirit! Way to manage the space and apply necessary change-overs in positioning and pressure! Good; Keep it up!

charlesj27 said...

Come on guys - what the f&%$? We can't even guard our lead with a man-advantage? What? How lame!!!

charlesj27 said...

What is up withthis "Jeckell & Hyde" rhythm of this team. First the team starts strong - then, fizzles like out like a soapy balloon in 15 minutes. What? I know the pitch is wet - and, slippery - but, we're playing like a horrific PDL team. It's a disgrace. We have a man advantage - lord, use the momentum and put more goals away! It's nasty to keep bearing this mistake-after-mistake droll!

Chad said...

Bruce has got to go. No excuse for the way he had this team play for 60 minutes up a man.

charlesj27 said...

I cannot understand why this team cannot compose meaningful, sustained attacking sequences at the 18 yeard-box. Every over the head ball/cross is a a prayer and a wish. Why isn't this being critically addressed? Bruce Arena has been screaming on the side-lines attack, attack! And, our players cannot seem to think through attack movements. This has to be addressed!

charlesj27 said...

No excuse! No excuse! If Bruce cannot find meaningful, experienced, attacking, and attacking-sustaining players - then this club/this team has no business in MLS. Stop collecting all our monies with such atrociousness. We had a two-man advantage towards the end - and, still??? No excuse!

charlesj27 said...

Must get sustained sequences of attacks in the 18-yard box! Not just one or two moves and not just one or two guys creating. This has to be addressed! It's down-right pitiful!

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog are amazing. This is a completely new team and it cannot become successful overnight. They have improved and it will take some time. You charlesj27, if you know so much of the game and analyze like you are a professional, then why are you not coaching?

Yes, it is frustrating to tie game after game, but we must remember that this is a sport, and in sports, it takes time to develop and grow and become a success. Look at Columbus Crew, MLS CUP 2008 champions, New York Red Bulls, we should applaud the team, and support them in their progress and journey in becoming a success in victory, not diminish their pride, by having no faith and criticizing them day after day. We should show up to a game and stand and cheer, and encourage them. It's frustrating but I am Galaxy fan from day 1 and will continue to be until I no longer exist on this Galaxy. I wear my jerseys with pride and defend my team, I am a supporter of the LA Galaxy, and no one can take that away from me. Thank you.

GalaxyTRUfan said...

I totally agree, give these guys a break,rome wasn't built over night. Maybe this is the way it was ment to be right now, but we are not LOSING !!! We are 1 of 2 teams undefeated on the road. 1 or 2 wins puts us towards the top. You all bitch when we lose, bitch when we tie on the road,and always have something negative to say or point fingers and somebody's too blame. If your that unhappy with the galaxy and the shitty season tickets you have,trade them in for a Chivas Season Ticket, we do not need negative fans. let these guys learn,there basically a new team.