Friday, May 8, 2009

A Fast Friday

The Galaxy held their only home training session ahead of Sunday's game against Seattle this afternoon under a cloudless Carson sky.

After returning from Salt Lake City on Thursday afternoon, the players were given the rest of the day off before returning to work this morning. While many of the guys who played significant minutes, both on Saturday against New York and Wednesday in Salt Lake, only participated in a light workout before going over some tactics with Bruce...the rest of the squad pushed hard in some small-sided games before finishing up with a series of finishing drills.
After the session was complete, most of the guys lined up about 20 yards from goal and took turns trying to hit the crossbar. But the fun didn't stop there. Not only did they have to hit the crossbar (which any pro can do with regularity from 20 yards out) they then had to get to the ball before it hit the ground and volley it into the goal with either foot, making the task exceedingly more difficult, but one that most (starting with A.J.) were able to complete.

Here are a few more shots from today's session.
Julian Valentin was not at training today as he has gone on a short loan to Hollywood United of the PDL. The Hitmen take on Ventura County tonight with Valentin expected to be in the lineup for the club. Kyle Patterson will also be on the field for HUFC tonight in their game at Buena High School.

The Galaxy will then fly to Seattle on Saturday morning and get in a training session up there before Sunday afternoon's game.

To get an inside look at this game, check out the latest from Mark Rogondino and the official game preview courtesy of MLS.

We also spoke to a few of the guys ahead of Sunday's game to see what they thought of taking on the expansion Sounders for the first time.




Lastly, be sure to check out the add on page B3 of today's LA Times (or click here) and learn how to enter to win a trip to Milan to see an AC Milan home game at the San Siro and a VIP experience for the Galaxy game against Milan on July 19 at The Home Depot Center.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks again for the training updates, especially the pics. I really hope the players (all of them) truly take it upon themselves to correct mistakes, to test themselves, and make their plays & runs better during training. That's really the whole point behind training and instruction sessions. It's not just to put on a training jersey, run a few laps, kick around the ball, talk with mates, eat a meal or two, and take a shower. Hopefully, this team does not look at the instructional opportunities that way. My hope is that ALL of the coaches get deeply involved with helping problematic areas. shooting & finishing is one of those areas.
I hope that Julian and Kyle have fun at their PSL-match loan. Should be pretty fun. I see Leonard participating in training - I do hope BOTH Leonard & Yohance are recovering on track, but, also keeping up with fitness, as well!
This up-coming match against Seattle will be amazing for the guys; but, if their awe and spectatorship gets the better of them - Seattle will make us pay! Our team is going up there to play an important AWAY regular MLS season match. Standings, points, and quality of play are the emphases!

Anonymous said...

Klien and Lewis should have been sent down to HUFC instead!