Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ready at Rio Tinto

The lineups are in at Rio Tinto Stadium and the Galaxy will have a similar look to Saturday night's 1-0 win over New York with Bruce Arena making just one change to his team, bringing in Stefani Miglioranzi with Josh Tudela returning to a substitutes role.

Here is the full team...






Subs: Saunders, Sanneh, Tudela, Magee, Jordan, Kirovski and Gordon.

And here is how the opposition, Real Salt Lake, will line up...







Subs: Reynish, Horst, Cox, Alexandre, Grabavoy, Escalada, Espindola


charlesj27 said...

From what I've been able to see so far in the first-half... clearly, RSL came out more urgent and aggressive, and playing to win. Sorry, but our team played quite "flat" in the 1st half. Plus, you could also see how winded much of the elder guys are. There's no excuse for the veterans - there isn't. They've played enough games to know how to manage their bodies to get ready to play in stadiums that are at elevation.
Next, our attack needs to be much more stronger and with more potency from different areas of the field. Again, we get chances, but can't seem to finish! It's so annoying! Too many times, our opponents are being able to hold onto the ball longer. We need to go after these slow/transfer balls and re-gain posession... but, keep it. Let's learn to keep it! There's no way LA Galaxy can play liek this with Seattle; that would be a mistake! I'm hoping Bruce really lets the team know that the effort, emphases on the field has to improve dramatically for the 2nd half.

charlesj27 said...

I guess it's fatigue and the fact that we've got too many elder players - but, Edson and Stefani are doing / playing very poorly. I'm sorry, but this is getting very irritating to see. The LA Galaxy are NOT playing well; very lethargic. I guess at best we may tie this match... Sad!!!

charlesj27 said...

We've got that manytall players - and not one of them can hit in a header from Lnadon's service? Are you kidding me? Why are we playing like it's so casual? The time is running out in the 2nd half.

Anonymous said...

Mike Magee is awesome

charlesj27 said...

Sorry - but, we played absolutely poorly - so much like a PDL team... NOT a MLS team! People have absolutely every right to say how much we suck. Having casual players in this team is NOT right! Why do we play so idiotically. Why can't the coaches absolutely teach the players to play angles, tight angles and move the ball forward whiel holding onto it? So many times the ball was stripped! Sorry, the team cannot play this way - it has to improve!!!

Anonymous said...

The slowest midfield lineup in MLS history. Lucky that Javier Morales wasn't around for this one.

pc1 said...

So, who's our next coach?

Anonymous said...


GalaxyTRUfan said...

The Rookies could play and get the same results, so why not let them get there feet really wet and go from there ??? Experience is fine, but not if thats all they have to offer, you still have to step on the field and play. The current lineup really sucks,go with the young guns and we can live with the results. The team is OLD & SLOW, so why waste the younger guys on the bench?