Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Boy Lewis Scores to Give LA 1-1 Draw (With Quotes)

LA Galaxy 1, Columbus Crew 1
Sunday, May 17, 2009
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
CLB - Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Unassisted) 70’
LA – Eddie Lewis (Unassisted) 91+

Misconduct Summary:
LA – Eddie Lewis (Yellow Card) 32’
LA – Bryan Jordan (Yellow Card) 46’
CLB – Robbie Rogers (Yellow Card) 58’
CLB – Alejandro Moreno (Yellow Card) 61’
CLB – Danny O’Rourke (Yellow Card) 86’
CLB – Danny O’Rourke (Red Card/2nd Yellow) 89’

LA Galaxy: Donovan Ricketts, Sean Franklin (Tony Sanneh 46’), Gregg Berhalter, Omar Gonzalez, Eddie Lewis, Dema Kovalenko, Stefani Miglioranzi (Jovan Kirovski 80’), Mike Magee, Landon Donovan©, Alan Gordon (Chris Klein 70’), Bryan Jordan.

Subs Not Used: Josh Saunders, A.J. DeLaGarza, Josh Tudela, Kyle Patterson.
Columbus Crew: Andy Gruenebaum, Frankie Hejduk©, Chad Marshall, Danny O’Rourke (Sent Off 89’), Gino Padula, Brian Carroll, Emmanuel Ekpo (Duncan Oughton 86’), Eddie Gaven, Robbie Rogers (Pat Noonan 87’), Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Eric Brunner 90’), Alejandro Moreno.

Subs Not Used: Chris Sharpe, Jed Zayner, Kevin Burns, Steven Lenhart.

· With the draw, the Galaxy are now 1-1-7 on the season, leaving them tied with Real Salt Lake for fifth place in the Western Conference with 10 points. Both teams are now two points behind third place Houston and Colorado who each have 12 points and five points ahead of FC Dallas and San Jose who are tied in seventh place with five points each.
· Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena made four changes to his lineup from the 1-1 draw at Seattle last weekend. Eddie Lewis and Bryan Jordan were brought into the starting lineup, replacing Todd Dunivant and Jovan Kirovski. Kirovski began the game on the bench while Dunivant was rested for the match and not in the 18-man squad.
· The Galaxy were also without Edson Buddle who aggravated a quad strain in training earlier in the week, as well as Yohance Marshall, who is on the club’s Disabled List and not eligible for selection. Marshall is not eligible to return to action until at least the home game against Kansas City in May 30.
· Defender Julian Valentin was also not in the lineup after being loaned to the Cleveland City Stars of the USL First Division earlier in the week. Valentin is scheduled to remain on loan for a month.
· With the draw, the Galaxy’s unbeaten streak extends to seven games, tying the mark for the fourth longest in club history. LA is 1-0-6 during the run.
· After appearing in seven of the Galaxy’s first eight games as a substitute, Bryan Jordan made his first start of the season for LA. Jordan played the full 90 minutes up front and on the right side of midfield.
· Donovan Ricketts made three saves for the Galaxy and remains undefeated as an MLS goalkeeper, improving his record to 1-0-6.
· Eddie Lewis’ goal was his first of the season and second since joining the Galaxy in August 2008. The goal came on Lewis’ 35th birthday.
· With the goal, the Galaxy have now scored seven goals in the final 15 minutes of a game and three in second half stoppage time.
· Omar Gonzalez started and played the full 90 minutes in central defense, making him the first Galaxy rookie ever to start each of the club’s first nine games on the season. He is also one of two Galaxy players, along with Landon Donovan, to have played the full 90 minutes in all nine of the club’s games this season.
· With the draw, the Crew are now 2-0-4 in their last six games against LA at The Home Depot Center.
· Sean Franklin left the game at halftime with a hamstring strain and will be evaluated on Monday.
· The attendance for today’s game was 16,649.
· The Galaxy are back in action on Saturday when they head to Frisco, Texas to take on FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park. That game kicks off at 5:30 p.m. (PT) and can be seen live on FS West.
· For more about this afternoon’s game, please visit

On getting a point:
Under the circumstances, we are certainly happy about the point. We really wasted the 45 minutes in the first half. I think the second half was better. Obviously a great finish by Eddie Lewis at the end of the game to get us a point.

On the Galaxy’s performance during the second half:
I don’t think we showed a lot of energy, and I thought we were out-competed on most positions on the field. Playing at noon in the heat is an excuse if you want to use it as an excuse. We certainly used it as an excuse. We responded a lot better in the second half. Our field tends to play a little slow and slippery, and that is certainly not an excuse, but for whatever reason I thought Columbus won most of the battles in the first half, with a few exceptions. In the second half, I think we turned that around.

On Columbus’ goal:
I think if Tony has an IQ of over 40, he understands the mistake he made. I didn’t want to dwell on it today. We will certainly talk about it. It was a mistake by a player. He thanked the team at the end for bailing him out. He knew he made a mistake. Schelotto made an excellent play too. He’s a heady player. I said to my team during the week—I think this is his best year in the league. I think he’s simply been outstanding. Ironically, they are a team that’s not getting a lot of points at this point either. I think he’s been absolutely terrific. I think he’s had an excellent year.

On the highlights of the game:
I think [Mike] Magee was good today. He was our best player from start to finish. He wanted the ball in tough spots. He was confident with the ball at his feet. I think [Donovan] Ricketts continues to be an outstanding goalkeeper. Ricketts had to make two big saves in this game. I think one in the first half and one right before we scored. I’m really pleased with him. He’s been outstanding. I think that Eddie Lewis did a good job coming in for Todd Dunivant today. I think our central midfield is getting a little bit better. We need to find a better combination of players to get our attack a little bit better. We’ve gotten better each and every game I think. We are getting close to where we want to be, but we have to get over the hump and win some games.

On how the team played:
We should have played better. As bad as we played in the first half, it was still 0-0. We played pretty well coming out in the second half, and made a mistake and then we were down a goal. Our reaction as always this year was really good. And, we had a chance to maybe win it.

On coming back from behind:
We don’t want that to be our M.O. all year. If it is, we are going to struggle because you can only do that so many times. Maybe if we were a little bit better in from of the goal we could have gotten the lead in the second half. Then obviously we can’t make that mistake.

On his goal:
It was a good strike. It sat up nicely. I just remember the whole team being inside the box. I took the time, and I think that the biggest challenge was making sure I didn’t get overanxious and really just let it flow and cut it clean. With some balls, as soon as they leave your feet, you just know straight way. It was nice. It was nice to get back into it. But we are still in the same road until we really are pressed the way we play. We don’t play adventurous enough. It takes a while, and then we go down a goal, and then we get ourselves back in the game. We have to somehow transform that mentality from the kickoff. We’ll see. We are trying to get better.

On the team’s performance:
The way we played in the first half, we are disappointed. We expect more from ourselves. We were pleased how we came back in the second half and had a better performance.

On playing in the heat:
I felt good. Being from down here, I’m used to the heat. A lot of our boys are, and I thought we showed we are a good team. We came back and got a tie out of it. Our team really knows that we could have gotten a win.

On Columbus’ performance:
I think we played better in the first half. We had some chances, especially in the first 20 minutes. We moved the ball pretty well from side to side, so the first half was pretty good. I think in the second half, LA stepped up a little bit. They made some changes, and they took over the play. But we were still dangerous. We created a couple of chances, especially the free kick that didn’t go in. I don’t think that red card was necessary for us. I think we could have done better. Then the great strike by Eddie Lewis. We thought we were going to get three points, but with a point we have to be happy. If someone was to give us a point before a game, we would probably take in, but then again we are disappointed after the game.

On the officiating:
No, I’m saying the red card wasn’t necessary because Landon [Donovan] was going towards the corner, the flag. We should have stayed on our feet, and let him have the ball. What was he going to do with the ball? Probably play it back. And we would deal with that. We gave the referee a chance to call a foul and he did.

On getting a point:
It’s tough. We were clearly the better team throughout the 90 minutes. It was tough to give up one late and lose three points. We will figure it out this week in practice and get back for the next game.

On today’s match:
We fought a lot; unfortunately we gave up another late goal. It’s hard to take, but at the end of the day we didn’t lose on the road. A point isn’t a bad result.


pc1 said...

Cool game, I guess. But can we for the love of God please start winning games?? Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

What a slow, boring team to watch....Arena, please go now.

It is sad when Klein is your super-sub off the bench.

Anonymous said...

I know its very frustrating right now but please look at the positives. We are in the hunt for the playoffs 4 pts away from 2nd place. Remember we get Beckham in July and probably sign Birchall who hopefully is good. If we are still about 3 pts in contention, the team should get a lift and ignite towards the playoffs and maybe be NY redbulls of this year with Ricketts in Goal. From the past 3 years, this is definetely improvement and we have a good chance of making it this year.

Anonymous said...

"We’ve gotten better each and every game I think. We are getting close to where we want to be"

This nightmare is to continue Bruce? What improvement?

We were once a proud team and look at us now. We have to battle for table scraps. Shame on you.

We won't even get these draws next month with national team call ups.

charlesj27 said...

I, too, agree that our team is startign to creepingly get into this habit of waiting until the last 20 minutes of a match to finally turn ON the attacking prowess and running jets. This is very dangerous - and, for the fans that come to watch the games... very dull & dreary for the whole first half. This first-half today... our team looked tired/beat and in confusion of how to string together attacking plays. I saw the over-lapping traingles for a brief several minutes along the side-lines; but, then it went away as quickly as it came. Eddie - congrats on your goal, and happy 35th! We really, really missed you on the left-wing/midfield attack. I believe the outcome of this game would have been different if Todd Dunnivant and Edson Buddle had been playing from the start today. I hate to sound like a broken-record; but, Alan & Bryan together were NOT going to spring forward the goals we require. I totally admire & respect Bryan for what he brings and adds to the team & to the field... but, he still has many, many matches to go before he is a tested & true MLS forward & midfielder. But, still he should be played and given chances!!! Tony for sure knows the "rookie" mistake he made... there is NO way a seasoned goal-poacher like Schellotto is going to miss on those "gimmes"! Our team needs to be much more attack-oriented in the first-half also... why are we always waiting until the 2nd half? Again, the 1st half today was unbearable to stomach!

ds said...

Their passing absoutely sucks! They pass back to their goalie way to much! So happy to see Bryan Jordan get the start! I cant even count the number to times he got the ball and fought he was through! He got up to the goal EVERY single time they were up, something they have been lacking!He was definitely one of the hardest working players on the field! Way boring game to watch! Eddie Lewis' goal was flawless! What a Happy Birthday goal! LD was lazy and didnt make the runs he should be making because his team doesnt pass it so he can make the runs! Ricketts was amazing with some amazing saves! Happy to see Franklin go out (not because oh his injury, I know that totally blows) but because he sucks at playing and lost the ball countless times! I am beginning to think he was that one season wonder! Super slow, boring first 90% of the game! At this rate they are going to get absoutely slaughtered when they play Bracelona and Milan even if they only bring their second or third string! They have to work on passing hard and fast! ANd Not passing the ball back to the goalie every freakin play! Lets try passing forward!!!!! YAY

Anonymous said...

Why are they not shooting??????? We make beautiful moves to get inside and infront of the goal and then pass the ball inside the 10. What is going on? It is almost like they DON'T want to test the goalkeepers. Landon made a move around three people, put the ball on his right foot, was centered infront of the goal mouth and then passed the ball off and we lost the ball again. PLEASE PLEASE START SHOOTING.. Is there anyone that is a true stricker with a selfish need to score goals??? Please step up.

Chad said...

Once again the team only finds some spirit and fight when they are losing. Otherwise, boring and painful. Not worth the sunburn I got watching the game.

If Bruce Arena can't figure out how to get 90 minutes of performance out of his team then he shouldn't be the coach. End of story. No other team with championship aspirations would put up with a coach who has brought 3 wins from his 19 games.

Anonymous said...

Arena got to go!!!!!!!!!!!! like yesterday. we need to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the agressive point of the team. Why do they always have to wait till they are down to start attacking the ball. Why don't they start from the get go attacking the ball. I played sports all my life. I realize top level is allot more difficult then I will ever experience, but this is what they get paid for. This is what we pay as season seat holder to see is winners. Guys that want to go out there and win a game, nott just to go out there and play a game. They have nothing till they go down a point they they paly a little till they score then they slow down again.
It's your job as a coach to win. You are the key man to drive them to win. You have them playing like you walk. You walk off that field at half and at the end of the game like you don't even want to be there. If this is the case. Do me a favor and go walk around somewhere else. I looked at the Crws coach out there coaching and you were sitting doing nothing as your team was. What kind of coach are you. Are you going to do to this team as you did to the USA team?? If so Please do LA a favor and move on to a another team. Don't punish us.

Anonymous said...

Idiots! ALL OF YOU! Bruce is doing fine with what he has.

ds said...

People dont realize that change is not going to come instantly! They have to work for it and they are!

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

No, Bruce is not doing fine. The longer he insists on leaning upon Berhalter, Kirovski, Miserableanzi and Sanneh, the worse our results will become.
Sure, we've only lost one game, but we've only won one game also. Since when are ties acceptable? If you could tell me that we will win every game from here on out, then yes, seven ties are great. But we all know, that is not going to happen.
This team is in trouble, and you have to look from the top on down. I want nothing more than to be proven wrong, but I can only foresee another terrible season, while we "keep moving in the right direction". Unfortunately, that direction looks to be towards the bottom of the table.