Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Join The Twitter Revolution

RT Follow @lagalaxy on twitter. Win prizes!

If you didn't understand the previous... whatever that was, don't feel lost. That was Twitter speak for "Spread the word, follow your favorite soccer club, the LA Galaxy, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/LAGalaxy. Yes, we've joined the Twitter Revolution! Much like the rest of society.

Who's on Twitter from the LA Galaxy? Two of the players, a member of the Miss LA Galaxy court, Front Office Staff and you, the fans!!!!

Join Twitter today and participate in the club's Twitter Challenge in order to win autograph memorabilia. The LA Galaxy Twitter Challenge rules are pretty simple, join and/or get people to follow the Galaxy on Twitter and win prizes. It's easy!

Here's a list of the Twitter Challenge prizes:

  • Refer 50 people to follow the LA Galaxy on Twitter and win these autographs.
  • 400th follower wins Edson Buddle autographed item.
  • 500th follower wins a copy of the 2009 LA Galaxy Media Guide.
  • 750th follower wins autographed items from Bryan Jordan, Edson Buddle and Sam from Miss LA Galaxy (All three are on Twitter).
  • 1,000th follower and person who refers the 1,000th foll0wer each win autograph mini-ball from BJ, Edson and Stefani Miglioranzi. (Stefani is not on Twitter, but when told about the contest wanted to participate. Nice, huh?)


Anonymous said...

How do we get videos on twitter? Great idea Galaxy but why can't we get signed Donovan stuff?

Anonymous said...

whats going on with ricketts is he hurt will he suit up sunday?

Doug said...

Gee, I wonder how many people are waiting for 399 before they commit to following? You may never get to it.

Jessica said...

I actually searched for Edson Buddle LAST night, found him, then noticed he was following Bryan Jordan. LOVE the Galaxy, so excited to follow them on Twitter!