Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Last Five Minutes Of Wednesday's Match

So some of you didn't like the game. But you have to admit, those last five minutes were incredible. Cardiac even. And to put things in perspective, it was only the third time in MLS history that three goals were scored in stoppage time of a regular season game. (Trivia time: Can you name the other two games?)

We can describe to you what happened, or can let you listen to Joe Tutino call the action during those frantic five minutes at the end of the match. We know it doesn't get any better than Joe Tutino doing Galaxy soccer, so we went with the latter (special thanks to Joe for sending us the audio). Relieve those final five minutes below. Enjoy!

We pick up the action with Gregg Berhalter sending the ball forward...

What did you think? Where does that ending rank in your opinion? Does the come-from-behind tie do anything for you? What are your thoughts about Sunday's game?


Anonymous said...

good job in getting the audio clips from the english broadcast. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Amazing! There's the heart We've been waiting for! Pound your heart strong Mikey and LA will sing your name for years to come! Keep it up Angelinos!